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UK Generation Election 2019 Results
(c) Andrew Parsons

UK General Election – Results

I have steered clear of talking politics since starting this blog, making it a Brexit-free zone. Until today.

This UK Generation Election has been one of the most important elections of our time. Boris Johnson pushed on with the slogan, ‘Get Brexit Done’, which secured the Conservatives a landslide majority today.

The Tories won by a landslide victory this Friday 13th

Admittedly with the call-to-arms on social media this week and the masses queuing up to vote. I thought that this election would be more of a neck-to-neck race to the finishing line. I went to bed at midnight with the UK’s fate sealed.

Facebook was inundated with people threatening to delete their profile or at least take a break. Others bemoaned the state of affairs or threatened to delete anyone who voted for the Conservative government.

Boris jubilantly addressed the nation this morning, declaring that “we will get Brexit done on time”, promising that “I will not let you down.”

Labour lost a significant number of seats across the country, including the red wall in this General Election. Corbyn admitting that it is “a very disappointing night for the Labour party”. Jo Swinson lost her seat in Scotland to the SNP Party, who won a majority of seats in Scotland. She resigned early this morning. Sinn Fein also won a large number of seats in Ireland.

UK Generation Election 2019 Results Brexit

This was the Brexit election

Boris Johnson championed getting Brexit done, which has been the winning slogan for the election. Corbyn failed to lead his party to victory, despite the fact that so many people shared their concerns about the NHS being sold to the US prior to the election. Yet, the Tories won with Boris at the helm, who has promised to lead us out of the EU come January, which has voided any chance for another referendum.

What does this mean for the UK?

The Tories winning the Generation Election means that there will be no second referendum and that they will continue to promise that Brexit will be done in the New Year. Personal political persuasions aside, nothing has really changed apart from the fact that a large majority of people have given Boris the green light to carry on as he was.

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