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Lockdown Diaries: Week 5

Broke Girl in the City’s Lockdown Diaries: Week 5

I can’t believe we are approaching the end of April! 95% of my day is spent in my bedroom; either working, eating or sleeping. The other 5% is spent getting drinks and food from the kitchen, with the odd bathroom break and walk around the garden.

Comic Relief’s Big Night In

I loved Comic Relief’s Big Night In this week on the TV. Watching familiar faces old and new raise money for NHS Charities felt quite emotional.

All of my housemates stood outside with me clapping for the NHS at 8 pm. Prince Willian was a great addition to the show with Stephen Fry.

I was able to watch the show in my lounge, while the rest of the house watched it in the kitchen. Most days I see my housemates when I am cooking or passing through, but everyone knows that I am unable to hang out in communal areas. One thing that has really brought us together is our house WhatsApp. We message each other and everyone always asks if I need anything when they pop to the shops. My housemates have picked up my prescriptions and posted my letters. The days of not asking for help are over and I am grateful for their help.


Financial spring-clean

I have been looking through all of my accounts this month. Cancelling any direct debits and standing orders, which I don’t need. Monitoring my accounts for anything which has come out in the past 6 months. Chasing money which I have yet to be paid, such as my Wonga payment! I hope you have managed to use this time to look through your finances too. Whether you have to make some cuts in the short-term. Use this time to prepare for the rest of the year.

Top Tips

My Top 3 Tips for lockdown: Week 5


I re-discovered Cluedo and Monopoly this weekend thanks to Shaun! Both games from my childhood reimagined for my mobile. It was incredible. Not one to relax as I am always doing something. Spending the day playing Monopoly and watching the game come alive was a childhood dream! The game evokes memories of playing against my brother for hours. Definitely one to recommend!

Lockdown Diaries: Week 5


I think that for many people, the lockdown has been very difficult. I have been writing to my mother every 1-2 weeks to make sure she knows I am thinking of her. My friends organised a Quiz night on Fridays for all of us to get together online. It’s important to keep checking in people who you know are struggling. Prioritise your mental health as well as your physical health. It’s incredibly difficult but if you need support. Don’t think twice about asking friends, family and seek out professional services who are better advised to help you too.


I received a call from the NHS this week to check to see that if I was ok and if I was able to get food. So, so lovely! I didn’t want to be given any free food parcels, but I have been struggling to buy food online throughout the lockdown period. I talked about Your Local Delivered recently, which shows what food businesses are in your area. After my call with the NHS, I managed to ring Tesco’s COVID-19 vulnerable hotline 0800 917 7359 to ask to be on the priority list. So fingers crossed I can buy regular food shops moving forwards! If anyone else is shielding or self-isolating. Do seek out help too either direct or with your local communities.

That concludes week 5 of my Lockdown Diaries!