Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse would have turned 33 today

amy winehouse anniversary

Remembering Amy Winehouse.

It’s hard to believe it was five years ago one Friday night that the world lost a talented star and much-loved character. Millions of fans took to Twitter in tribute to the star.


“If it wasn’t for Amy and [her 2003 debut album] Frank, 100% I wouldn’t have picked up a guitar”


Amy was a musical genius who left a back catalog of songs including ‘Rehab‘, ‘Tear’s Dry On Their Own‘ and ‘Back to Black‘ which inspired a generation of artists including British artist Adele, who told Vice’s i-D magazine, that Amy was the main inspiration behind her music career.

Amy’s talent and individuality are unique.  It wasn’t just her music which hit the headlines however until her untimely death.

(c) Amy Winehouse Official Website
(c) Amy Winehouse Official Website

“if i died tomorrow, i would be a happy girl”


Amy always spoke her mind…

Amy was incredibly sweet. What we loved about her was that she wasn’t scared to speak her mind.

“There’s no point in saying anything but the truth”

amy and mitch

Amy loved her family

Mitch has come under fire for taking advantage of his daughter’s fame, but Amy loved her father and was a proper ‘daddy’s girl.’

Camden was her home & stomping ground…

Amy at The Forum in Kentish Town and the Hawley Arms in Camden.

“She came to the Libertines’ gig at the forum. We came back to the hotel and she stayed all night. At one point it was me, her and Carl having a little sing-song.”

Doherty to NME

The night Amy died…

amy death

Amy died on a Friday when most people including my MTV colleagues were drinking in The Hawley Arms in Camden (one of my favourite pubs)

A friend of mine, Danny Panthaki who was an MTV producer at the time, tweeted that he thought Amy had died of an overdose.  To his horror despite deleting this tweet almost immediately, it was retweeted around the world. He spent what I can only imagine being the worst weeks of his life being hounded by the media all wanting to know what had happened. “My friend’s boyfriend is a policeman, and he’s the one who found Amy Winehouse dead.  Overdosed on ecstasy” – NME. Amy died after a period of abstinence. It was alcohol poisoning, not drugs that were the damning verdict.

Amy in love 










My husband is everything to me and without him it’s just not the same”


Amy’s haunting tunes ‘Back to Black’ and ‘You knew I was trouble’ paint a poignant and powerful picture of someone in love.


Amy’s love life remained a media hotbed of activity throughout her career.  Photos of Blake her soul-mate showed a young woman in the throes of love. Post marriage pictures published showing the pair walking hand in hand down the street in the early hours of the morning with scratches and blood-stains rose concerns about her drug-taking and drinking problems

What was tragic about her untimely death was that Amy had looked like she was turning her life around.  She had even found new love with Reg Traviss.

“I don’t regret anything” – Amy

(c) Amy Winehouse Official Website
(c) Amy Winehouse Official Website
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