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raised a staggering £73,026,234 so far for Comic Relief. Broke Girl in the City looks at the key highlights from Friday.

Billy Connolly now suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s Disease, moved everyone to tears talking about his work with Comic Relief. “It started 30 years ago, a youngish man with a lush coloured beard and a very peculiar shirt.” Not one to be shy, Bill’s fund-raising activities also included a cheeky naked dance through Piccadilly.

Credit: BBC

Red Nose Day

The scenes from Africa which are filmed for Comic Relief, are as harrowing and upsetting as ever. Even after 30 years, raising money for those starving elsewhere in the world is still as important as ever.

Red Nose Day came under fire this year as some of the comedy sketches seemed in bad taste. Somehow, it felt that they lost sight of the charity they were raising money for. It was uncomfortable watching for many at times. The sketches that involved spitting out water and food seemed discordant with scenes from Africa where people are starving and lack water. It was a shame as so many watched on the night in support of a cause that we have all grown up with and is very close to our hearts.

However, not one to focus on the negatives, let’s look at the highlights from this year’s Red Nose Day!

Take That Carpool Karaoke

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of Carpool Karaoke. Who better to carpool with James Corden than Take That for Comic Relief.

Red Nose Actually

Love Actually was voted to be the most popular Christmas film in Radio Times this year. When news broke that the cast had reunited to make a one-off special for Comic Relief by Richard Curtis, social media exploded with excitement. We all wanted to know what had happened to their favourite characters. We are reassured true love lasts a lifetime; Kate Moss’s cameo was a great touch.

Hugh’s dancing to Drake’s Hotline Bling, before his falls down the staircase at No.10 was just brilliant. Showcasing his moves once again, making us all giggle before a magnificent speech about current times was one of the key highlights of Red Nose Day.

Taking a press conference soon after, dressed in a sling, he is addressed by a journalist and returns to his former speech about Love Actually. Saying that times have got harder, his only political jibe was at the expense of Piers Morgan saying that he was in fact still alive.

Hugh Grant aka PM addresses the nation sending a timely and powerful message, that it’s not just romantic love all around. People have love in their hearts to help strangers in trouble. People they have never met but want to help.

Hugh Grant’s speech as Prime Minister,  resonated in a time which has seen much distressing news from across the globe. Poignant and relevant. He delivered a speech which embraced the true meaning of Comic Relief, which was somewhat lacking in other parts of the show. Wherever you see ordinary people in need, you see extraordinary people come to their aid, which really touched people who had witnessed people helping others during the Westminster attack this week. The most positive message, of course, concluding his speech, is that:

“Good is going to win.”

Greg Davies kissed Ed Sheeran 

Ok, Greg Davies kissed Ed Sheeran…and Miranda Hart. Certainly didn’t hold back!

Red Nose Day – Kissage

Miranda Hart wanted a kiss from Ed Sheeran but then Greg Davies steps in. Uh oh! ???

Posted by Comic Relief: Red Nose Day on Friday, March 24, 2017

Ed Sheeran 

I don’t think I have ever watched Red Nose Day and seen one of the celebrities stop filming to help someone and wouldn’t leave.

Ed Sheeran with JD

Credit: BBC

A group of young boys, including a young boy named JD, lived in one of the roughest slums of Liberia. Ed witnessed the young boys living rough in boats and learned that one had been raped by one of the older lads. Ed didn’t leave until they were removed from the dangerous situation. It moved us all to tears.

“Can we do that? Can I pay to put them in a house until we get them in a school?

“It doesn’t matter how much it costs can we just get him and his five mates in a house with an older person to look after them?”

Could we love Ed Sheeran even more?


It doesn’t matter how small a contribution you can make, you are making one. If you could like to donate to Comic Relief click here.