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Broke Girl's Guide to Staying In

Staying in really is the new going out. People are encouraged to self-isolate if feeling unwell and practice social-distancing if out and about. However, we know that more stringent guidelines will soon be announced. Events are being cancelled and people are panic buying in the eventuality we will all be confined to our houses.

This weekend alone, Vegan Life Live took the decision to cancel its weekend festival. My brother cancelled coming to London. Instead of a weekend meeting people; family, friends. I looked for things to do at home. I turned my attention back to this blog. My anxiety this week has rocketed. I have asthma, which means that I am considered to be of high risk. In the past week, I have considered writing my will, and am focussing on improving my health and my immune system.

So having spent the last 6 months mostly at home writing and also trying to save money, whilst I have been job-hunting. I thought I would dedicate a section of my blog to staying in during this period. If you have any ideas you would like to share do get in touch!

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