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National Poetry Month

Poetry Month was started by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. It originates and is celebrated in the US. With this in mind, I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some of the poems I have been reading recently.

r.h.sinn and samantha.king.holmesMeet husband and wife R.H.Sin and Samantha King Holmes – an inspirational couple who write poetry. I follow them both on Instagram, where they share their poetry, street photography and intimate moments with us. Intertwined with heartfelt and poignant poems are photos they have both taken together (could it be any more romantic?). I have included a handful here, but please do take a peek for yourself.

R.H.Sin has previously published, Whiskey, Words and a Shovel. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, R.H.Sin uses social media as a tool to not only publish his work, but also showcase his photography, as well as relationship (in his description he describes himself as husband first). In only a few lines, he captures the essence of the soul and our deepest feelings, which is an incredible talent. For those who have been suffering heartbreak, are struggling to feel their self worth, are feeling undervalued, then I recommend r.h.sin wholeheartedly.

she felt like feeling nothingr.h.sinn poetry
Your effort will never matter to a person who doesn't care about you
a man who apologizes for things he'll never stop doing doesn't love you he doesn't deserve you

Samantha King Holmes, author of  Born to love, cursed to feel is phenomenal. Her words resonate as a woman who has felt and suffered as we all do in love. Yet has finally found her happily ever after with her husband R.H.Sin.

You feel that you are in the company of two very beautiful souls, who have embarked on an adventure together as soul mates. Bringing us together as best friends and confidants. Reading their poetry will elevate you in times of sadness and remind you of your inner strength. You only have to check the comments left beneath their poems to witness the impact of their poetry other people.

r.h.sinn and samantha.king.holmesOrder your copy from Amazon

I have just bought both copies! if you would like to buy Samantha’s book, Born to love, Cursed to Feel then click below! (I might get a little referral fee).

(c) All pictures are the property of the photographers R.H.Sin and Samantha King Holmes