Last minute Christmas Eve gifts

I love Christmas Eve. Everything I do is Travelling home to my mother. Buying last minute Christmas presents on the way. So I thought I would dedicate my Christmas Eve #Blogmas post to how to buy last minute gifts on Christmas Eve.

Top tips on buying

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Amazon is my best friend

I actually bought one Christmas present for my mother a couple of months ago. However, I bought a number of last minute Christmas presents on Amazon this weekend. What’s more you can buy it gift wrapped for £2.49! 

Amazon is even offering delivery today on Christmas Eve. So if you have your family and loved ones around you. Sneak off and quickly buy your last minute bargains on Amazon Prime. Just check the delivery date because not all items will be able to be delivered today!

Christmas Eve Sales

London is extremely quiet on Christmas Eve. Most sensible people would have travelled home by now. Or will be doing a last minute food shops. So if you are feeling up to it, nip into London and buy things in the sales! Many shops are offering 50% off so there are a lot of bargains to be had. Don’t forget to buy yourself a cheeky Christmas present too.

#Blogmas Christmas Eve

London Shopping Hotspots

I love Oxford Circus because I know where everything is. Primark, New Look, H&M, Matalan and of course Lush. I bought this amazing Santa package already gifted and wrapped #winninginlife. It includes a Strawberry Santa soap, Once Upon a Time body lotion and a Knot Wrap which my Grandmother will love (£27 –  Lush). Alternatively why not try out Westfield in East London or your local high street for last minute bargains.

Travelling home

I love London on Christmas Eve as it so quiet. Hopefully you will have bought your tickets prior to your journey home. However check train times. Many will be running a Sunday service or they will be doing maintenance thinking no-one is travelling today. Remember taxis might also be charging double fare on Christmas Eve so be careful of those extra charges. I am very excited to see my mother tonight.