Euromillions Lottery

£167m EuroMillions jackpot

Winning £167 million pounds in the EuroMillions jackpot tonight could make you the wealthiest winner ever from the UK.

No-one matched all five winning numbers and two Lucky Star numbers in Tuesday’s draw. Meaning that the prize will now stay at £167,000,000 or 190,000,000 Euros until this is won. If will stay at this level for four more draws.

EuroMillions fever means that many people are choosing to splash their cash on tonight’s lottery. Despite the odds of winning. With the lottery prize this high. It seems madness not to part with a tenner on tonight’s lottery draw. I have witnessed so many friends dabble perhaps even for the first time in their EuroLottery career, hoping to win the jackpot. With slogans “You have to be in it to win it”‘ the redeeming fact is that someone somewhere in Europe has to win. So why can’t it be YOU?

Willie Wonka Ticket

Why I won’t stop playing the lottery

I am not advocating gambling at all. You should only ever spend what you can afford to lose if the mantra of gambling everywhere.

However, playing the lottery for me. Like so many people. Offers an opportunity to dream about a lifestyle so far removed from every day life. For a short time, you can dream of living on a remote island somewhere in the sun (for those days you are commuting in a cold packed train). Owning your own business (when you are fed up of working life) or a beautiful house somewhere (anything but where you live now). It is pure unadulterated escapism. I used this method to get me through factory shifts when I was a student and it still works now.

What would you do with £167 million?

Lottery tickets for me are not due to being disgruntled with every day life (although being honest sometimes it can be!). It gives you a chance to live out a fantasy. The perfect you.

Mine has never been to change my appearance or for material goods. I dream of travelling the world and giving people close to me opportunities they feel are out of their reach.To give to charities too, whose causes are close to my heart. It’s this fantasy that I will buy into time and time again.

Cynical friends tend to chide my lottery buying habits. I can’t even say that I am up on what I have spent over the years. Yet for one night, I can dream of drinking champagne by a beach somewhere in the sun with no worries in the world and a beautiful house to return home to. Not completely out of my reach by any means! Just chasing the dream.

If you won the £167m EuroMillions tonight, what would you spend it on?

Good luck tonight!