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The Great War is here!

Season 7 GOT is finally here. It has been a long winter. It seems such a long time ago that Cersei blew up her the one person who meant so much to her last surviving son, in a bid to regain power over her kingdom.

Game of Thrones Final Season – where to watch

The GOT finale has felt tantalisingly close for some time, the gap bridged with trailers and images from HBO, teasing us about what is going to happen next.

When does Season 7 start?

Season 7 episode 1 ‘Dragonstone’ starts 9pm, 16th July in the US. For those super fans, who want to stay up you can watch at 2am. For the rest of us, we can watch 9pm on Sky Atlantic 17th July 2017.

How to watch?

For those of us who downgraded from pay-TV due to a drop in overall personal budgets, the arrival of the final season has come with a new challenge! How do we watch the final episode?

Unless you make an appointment-to-view Game of Thrones round a friends house or find another half with a Sky subscription. It’s worth investing in your own. I watched the last episode of the last series just as a reminder for what’s to come.

Now TV – Sign Up to the Entertainment Package

I decided to sign up to Now TV to ensure that I can see GOT for the final series. For a monthly subscription fee – the entertainment package starts at £6.99 per month – no contract – we can watch together! You can get also get a free trial – woohoo!

 Who will rule the seven kingdoms? Arya