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• Wednesday 13th March – just a day, not a month – but start as you mean to go on!
• Health benefits begin right away – you can quickly improve your appearance too
• More importantly, it will save you so much money!
• Follow the WHITE GLO top tips to quit below

Kick the habit to the kerb

Every journey begins with one small step and so for those hoping to call it quits, National No Smoking Day offers a great opportunity to kick this habit to the kerb. 

This year, National No Smoking Day falls in the middle of the week – Wednesday 13th March. So some extra determination may be needed by those wishing to call a halt to the habit on ‘hump day’. Unlike Stoptober, the month-long October campaign, National No Smoking Day is a one-day wonder. So the emphasis is on making the most of today and arming yourself with everything you need to succeed to stop.

No Smoking

How much is this costing you?

The good news is that quitting will soon produce all kinds of benefits – for your health and your appearance too. I personally hate smoking. I have asthma which means that cigarette smoke isn’t great for me and it annoys me if people smoke in the house around me. When I see just how it costs other people, it just seems a win-win to try and stop!

A cigarette packet costs on average £8.30 for 20 cigarettes. If you buy 3 packets a week then you are spending £25 a week, which is £1,325 a year.

Try MoneySavingSxpert’s Demotivator tool to understand how much you could save this year. Give yourself something to aim for instead. A holiday? New laptop? Save the money and reward yourself for giving up.

White Glo’s 28 Day Plan

A press release landed in my inbox from White Glo Smoker’s Toothpaste, to coincide with no smoking day. For just twenty-eight days they advocate refreshing your mouth with their toothpaste, getting rid of the tobacco stains and smokers’ breath. The yellowish hue often associated with frequent smokers can be radically reduced within weeks, meaning a glowing smile can be an easy win for those seeking to quit.

Dr Georgios Sotiropoulos, White Glo’s dentist, explains “Using a fluoride-enriched toothpaste which contains diatomaceous earth is an excellent way to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Diatomaceous earth is a natural ingredient which increases cleaning power without lengthening your brushing routine and is particularly ideal for smokers looking to reverse years of tobacco stains.” 

White Glo’s Smokers Formula position themselves as the ideal product for quitters – this is not an AD. Its effective whitening formula is a low-abrasion product and is safe for daily use, helping to whiten teeth in as little as twenty-eight days, and is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Photo by VINICIUS COSTA from Pexels

Whiteglo’s 8 Tips to Help You Quit

WHEN – choose now when you will quit. National No Smoking Day is a great day to finally do it!

HANDY – Keep a list on you at all times with all of the reasons you want to quit. Look at it whenever cravings strike such as when you are out drinking

INVITE your friends to stop with you – is there someone you can pair up with, so you can support each other.

TEMPTATION – remove all cigarettes plus other reminders such as lighters, matches and ashtrays from your home and at work

EXERCISE – even just a little can curb your urges and help your brain produce anti-craving chemicals 

GET SUPPORT – look online for the NHS Smokefree website and local NHS support services

LET NO MEAN NO – Stay strong and say ‘no’ each and every time a friend offers you a cigarette. Tell people you are giving up and not to offer them to you

OWN IT – You can do this – and you will! Why not plan what you’ll do with the money you’ll save. Put the money you would have spent into a savings account for something you have wanted to do or want for yourself