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National Tea Day

Saturday 21st April – Saturday 22nd April

Chiswick House and Gardens

Imagine how excited I was when i spotted National Tea day coming up in April. I immediately googled the event and low and behold. I found out there was going to be one big Part-Tea happening in Chiswick!

The UK’s only dedicated tea Fes-tea-val – National Tea Day has a show-stopping agenda, packed full of prac-tea-ly everything you could ever imagine that involves our nations favourite drink. I’d like to say these jokes are all mine, but I can’t take the credit. I nabbed them from the press release.

Lady Nadine

Special guests including celebrity cake maker Mitch Turner MBE and winner of the BBC’s apprentice, Alana Spencer as well as etiquette lessons from Lady Nadine. Meaning there’s plen-tea of fun to be had!

if you haven’t already ‘bagged’ your tickets, you can do so here

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store this weekend…

National Tea Day

What’s on

For us broke girls in the city it is important to get out and try new things (whilst not spending our entire monthly income on one weekend!).

The ultimate British festival takes place at Chiswick House & Gardens on the 21st and 22nd of April to celebrate National Tea Day!

Fes-Tea-Val is a great day out for families, foodie enthusiasts, tea lovers and those who love to party. The event is filled with celebrity baking sessions, mixology masterclasses, top Dj’s, musician’s and entertainment. Even the opportunity to take tea with Queen Victoria.

The event is open 10am-5pm on both days with the Tea & Tipple Boulevard open until 9pm. So you can par-tea long into the night!

The event is divided into dedicated zones with themed activities and delicious food, drink and lifestyle delights in each. These include, the Bou-tea-que, Tea ‘n’ Tipple Boulevard, The Tea Bazaars, Tea ‘n’ Treat Village, The Vitali-Tea Garden and the Picnic Park!

For the family

Tea ‘n’ Treat Village – An entire village of treats, snacks, bakes and cakes and everything else delicious you can think of! This isn’t just a chance to delight in sweets galore though, there’s a host of celebrity masterclasses open to everyone. Mich Turner MBE will be teaching tea lovers how to bake and decorate the perfect tea accompaniment. Alana Spencer, winner of The Apprentice 2017 and Founder of Ridiculously Rich will be showing visitors how to pair cakes and bakes for the ultimate treat combination.

Tea Bazaars – This is the ultimate market place for lovers of great food, great drink and great homeware and the perfect place to find delicious and unusual new products. Each tent has a selection of unique sellers so whether it be artisan snacks or teas from all over the world you’re guaranteed to find something new.

The British Bou-tea-que – In honour of the Queen’s Birthday and National Tea Day itself, The British Bou-tea-que will be showcasing the best of Britain’s tea, treats and fashion. Not only will this area be filled with a bespoke selection of some fabulous British businesses, it’s also packed with activities for the whole family including afternoon tea etiquette lessons, selfies with Queen Victoria and a Chocola-tea parlour.

The Picnic Park – With riverside views, the Picnic Park is the perfect place for families to relax, refuel and enjoy all of their newly purchased goods. This area is also packed with activities including dance classes, an Art-Tea Zone and a Sparkling Tea Bar to help guests stay refresh and hydrated throughout the day.

For the health conscious

The Vitali-Tea Garden – Set against the backdrop of the glorious ‘Italian Gardens’ this is a healthy experience to really savour. From anti-oxidant properties, to benefits for the guts to glowing skin the benefits of our nations favourite tipple are endless. Visitors can chat with health gurus and tea professionals. Try and buy organic products and new to the event this year are a number of personal training and yoga activities.

For the secret scientists

Masterclasses and Mixology – National Tea Day isn’t just about consuming tea but also learning about it and the ways it’s consumed all over the world. This is why the organisers have put together an agenda of masterclasses for visitors to enjoy and benefit from. Whether it’s using tea as an ingredient in cocktails. Or blending your own tea under the guidance of a tea master everyone has something to learn. Guests are invited to explore ways in which tea is so much more than milk and 2 sugars and how it can actually be the perfect complement to any food.

For the culturists

The Museum of Historic Tea ware – Perfect for anyone who appreciates fine tea, art or culture. The Chitra Collection showcases some of the finest and most historically significant pieces from the collection and spanning a thousand years of history. This exhibition, on display at Chiswick House for two days only, will highlight the importance and diversity of tea drinking customs across the globe.

For the part-tea animals

Tea & Tipple Boulevard – With top entertainment including DJ Sammy Porter, The Tailormade, the Electric Violinist, The U.K’s very own Michael Buble Act and DJ No Sugar; the internationally renowned Dutch Female DJ’s, this is a line up which cant fail to get festival season started. Tea ‘n’ Tipple Boulevard is a mixture of The Strip meeting Mayfair as guests will have the chance sample tea cocktails and tea infused beer in a sleek and stylish setting.

To find out more about National Tea Day and to book tickets for the Fes-Tea-Val, visit nationalteaday.co.uk

You can also follow the tea excitement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @Nationalteaday or using the hastag #NationalTeaDay.

National Tea Day

How much?

Tickets are only £10 or £25 for a Family Pass!

What is included?

All tickets include admission to all areas at the event. Access to all activities is included in the ticket price, e.g. celebrity baking masterclasses, music and entertainment. The historic teaware tour is subject to availability.

Free tea tasting galore! You will be able to sample the worlds finest teas and get top tea tips from tea masters. Samples will be available from on-site partners, but portions of food and drink will need to be purchased.

What is National Tea Day

National Tea Day is a movement to get more Brits to drink more and to drink better tea. It is their belief that tea more than just a leaf but a cultural phenomenon. Bringing communities together and has helped shape British Culture. Fes-Tea-Val is a British lifestyle festival with tea as the hero. It isn’t just about tea though with food pairings, healthy tips and even a dedicated tea and alcohol zone. National Tea Day supports a hot of charitable causes with charities all over the U.K. aligning to the day to raise awareness and funds for their cause. 

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