People’s Vote March For The Future


Over 100,000 people are looking to attend a march in London today to demand a vote on the final Brexit deal. I have chosen not to talk about politics previously in this blog. However with Brexit looming, the sentiment and feeling in the UK is growing increasingly despondent and negative. As someone who loves London and the UK, it isn’t something that is easy to ignore.

Before I begin this article, I want to say that my personal views are my own. I also respect other peoples right to their own opinion. I have chosen to write about The People’s Vote March for the Future to highlight a pressing issue in London and the rest of the UK right now. With all of the media headlines screaming No Brexit, many people within the country feel completely helpless and is an increasing state of despair. Not everyone agrees and feels this way.

Right then, let’s get back to seeing what is going on today in London!

The People's Vote March for the Future

Who is The People’s Vote?

The People’s Vote according to their official website, is a grassroots campaign supported by its constituent groups including Open Britain, the European Movement UK, Britain for Europe, Scientists for EU, Healthier In, Our Future Our Choice, For Our Future’s Sake, Wales For Europe & InFacts.

The People’s Vote has cross-party political support. Advocates in all the main UK parties. Endorsements from across the worlds of politics, sport and the arts, as well as health professionals, students, business and trade unions.

There are more than 700,000 campaign supporters, 20,000 activists, and over a million followers on social media between these groups. And more joining every day. These activists are working in all regions across the country towards the common goal of achieving another people’s vote before Brexit.

The Proposal*

According to The People’s Vote, a YouGov poll this summer has called for, by 45% to 35%, a public vote on the outcome of Brexit negotiations. This rises to a margin of 50% to 25% – if talks break down and the UK leaves without any deal.

Prime Minister, Theresa May, invoked Article 50 by sending a letter to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, on 29th March 2017, following the outcome of a public referendum in the UK back in 2016.

The UK is the first member state to invoke Article 50, so there are no precedents for its implementation, nor for circumstances in which a country decides to withdraw the letter.

With the triggering of Article 50 and the country feeling that we will not reach a deal in time that benefits us or a no deal, many are taking to the streets to demand another People’s Vote.

David Davis, the former Secretary of State for Exiting the EU quite rightly said, back in 2012, that “if a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy.”


The UK’s Article 50 letter notified the EU of our intention to leave, but intentions can change. Up until the date the Article 50 deadline expires, we still have all the rights of a member-state, including the right to change our minds.

Revoking the Article 50 letter would be cost free, since the terms of our EU membership cannot be changed without our agreement as a member state. However, if we were to leave and then at some future stage re-apply for membership, the terms would have to be negotiated afresh.

The Government does not have a mandate to take the UK out of the EU without a deal. The mandate provided by the 2016 referendum was for the Government to negotiate a deal with the EU, which would deliver the “exact same benefits” as membership of the Single Market and the Customs Union.

If there is a deal:

In the event that there is a deal, it has been suggested that the Government might seek to win a mandate for it through a referendum that offers the public only a choice between taking the deal or leaving the EU with no deal.

The deadline is 29th March, 2019.

People’s Vote March 

Whether you voted for or against Brexit, the deal is becoming more real by the minute. I read an article by the Evening Standard which described those marching today as Activists. Technically you could say that anyone marching today is an activist of sorts. What I have noticed is that many people I know who have planned to attend today have never been on a march in their lives. Whether people are young, single, with families, older, in London or in other parts of the UK. Many people are going to be taking to the streets today hoping to somehow reverse the decision made back in 2016. Whilst the decision was made some time ago, it is becoming a reality now for us. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has made no secret of his favour for calling another referendum and is an advocate of this campaign.

Join The March!

Everyone is meeting at mid-day today in Central London on Park Lane, Saturday 20th October to march through London to Parliament Square. At 2pm people will be giving talks on the People’s Vote. Delia Smith and Deborah Meaden will be leading the march, but there will also be cross-party support including that from Sadiq Khan.

What’s your vote?

The People’s Vote calls for another vote on the final Brexit deal, which would likely take the form of another referendum.

Many believe the UK is heading for a no deal or bad deal Brexit – which they say is not what the country voted for in June 2016.

However, the majority of the country voted for the Brexit Deal back in 2016. The results of which were 51.9% for Leave, and 48.1% for Remain. So other people argue that we should just keep on moving forwards and negotiate the best deal for the UK that we can.

We can blame David Cameron for bringing the Brexit vote to a referendum in the first place. May for triggering Article 50 that has meant that we are now working to a deadline which has caused more problems for the country.

However, the reality is now that we have a country which is still divided over the Brexit issue. More support has been growing to stay as the impact of leaving the EU has become realised. Those who wish to leave simply don’t say a word for fear of being lynched. Only in the world of social media are the two sides openly discussing whether we demand a future vote or we can carry on with what was a People’s Vote back in 2016.

Let us know your views below…just be kind to each other now 🙂


*Information in this article has been taken from a proposal put forward by The People’s Vote which is hosted on their website.