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rade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly. The world’s most amazing Life Coach Tony Robbins was at the National Achievers Conference. He told us that we needed to trade our expectations for appreciation and we will be much happier.

Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly” – tony robbins

tony-robbins-meMost of our unhappiness is based on people letting us down. Things not happening the way we want them to. People not doing what we want them to. Things not going our own way.

It is very easy to let others determine your own happiness. Think about the times when…

  • Your boyfriend didn’t call when he said he would
  • Leaving the office your boss sent you countless emails which he/she expects an answer to
  • Plans for dinner with a friend you were looking forward to gets cancelled last minute

You can’t control life, but you can control the way you react to life’s events.  Once you stop expecting people to make us happy, we can stop inviting stress into our lives.


We all have different expectations and when people don’t live up to these we become unhappy. Most of the time the other person isn’t being malicious or unkind. Their expectations of how to behave or what they expect from a relationship may be different to yours. We can’t control others or expect them to live how we want them to.

So instead of being disappointed that a person hasn’t acted in a way you expected, appreciate the things they do for you instead. Shift this focus to become a happier self.

*Start to appreciate the things you do every day* *Enjoy the commute into work* *Savour your morning coffee* *Message someone who makes you happy* 


Be in a beautiful state

It is so easy to get disappointed and angry when life doesn’t go our way. Once you rid of these expectations, you can control your happiness.