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world cup 2018

Whether you are a massive football fan or not. The fact that England are getting closer to the World Cup finals will not have escaped your notice.

I personally love the World Cup. I spend most of the year playing fantasy football (I am just putting it out there –  I am pretty good) so have a steer on many of the players, although by no means am I an expert. In a country fatigued by Brexit, government resignations, the World Cup has provided a level of excitement unprecedented. So I am incredibly excited about the match tonight!

The World Cup

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When is the game?

Wednesday 11th July, 7pm on ITV

World Cup 2018

Croatia V England

England play Croatia tonight in the World Cup 2018 semi-final. With France winning the game against Belgium last night. It means that if England wins the game tonight, we will reach the WORLD CUP FINAL!!! Whether you have managed to book a place in a pub tonight, have managed to win one of the tickets to Hype Park in the lottery or are going to watch it in the comfort of your own home. Tonight will hopefully be THE NIGHT which sees England go through to the WORLD CUP FINAL.

Football’s Coming Home

You might hear this quite a lot today! I do miss Skinner/ Baddiel.

“If England gets beaten, so will she”

Unfortunately the amount of domestic violence cases increase during the football. ‘The Not-So-Beautiful Game’. Created by JWT London for the National Centre for Domestic Violence to highlight the link between #football matches and domestic violence. In England instances increase by 26% when we play, 38% if we lose. This is a very powerful image which portrays the darker side of football.

I love football and I share this love of football with many men in my life, who this does not and never will apply to. However, this is an unfortunate reality for women. If anyone needs help please do get professional help and leave. Domestic violence is not acceptable ever. It will always get worse.

domestic violence