Angellica Bell

Interview with Angellica Bell to discuss the debt-bus tour.

TV Presenter Angelicca Bell supported the ‘Debt Bus-Ter’ launch in Woolwich

Debt Free London, a unique partnership of charities led by Toynbee Hall and funded by the Money and Pensions Service, has created a mobile centre in the form of a touring bus. Having already helped over 250,000 people with free debt advice, the ‘Debt BUS-ter’ will tour across London, with the aim of reaching and assisting Londoners in need and will visit some of London’s most deprived areas.  

Debt BUS-ster tour

The ‘Debt BUS-ters’ tour launched this week in General Gordon Place, Woolwich, London and culminates on Thursday 31st March with stop-offs that include Sutton, Southwark and Peckham. TV presenter and co-host of The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV, Angellica Bell, was present for the ‘Debt BUS-ter’ launch as was London’s Deputy Mayor for Communities and Social Justice, Dr Debbie Weekes-Bernard. The bus will serve as an in-person advice centre where Debt Free London’s expert advisors will be on-hand to offer free, confidential, expert advice to anyone who needs assistance or help with any topic around debt. In addition to their ‘Debt BUS-ter’ tour, Debt Free London also re-launched their free 24-hour helpline which will run until 22nd May to support Londoners in need. 

More information can be found on Debt Free London and the ‘Debt BUS-ter’ locations


My Story

For those people who don’t know me very well. I started Broke Girl in the City the summer I was made redundant, as a guide for how to have an amazing time in London without much money. Steadily I looked more into personal finance as I joined the UK Money Bloggers Group, and shared my journey with debt and money. I amassed £35k worth of debt simply by pursuing a career in London. Through everyday living costs and going out, which was expected of someone working in the industry I was in.

Debt Free London

Interview with Angellica Bell

I am a huge fan of Angellica’s as part of the famous duo on The Martin Lewis Show which helps others manage their money effectively. Angellica Bell is an award-winning TV TV Presenter spanning CBeebies, The One Show and Family Finders. Angellica took time out of her busy schedule to answer a couple of questions I had about debt, her involvement with Debt Free London and her plans for 2022.

Why is this campaign so important?

This campaign is so important because we all know people have financial worries, especially after spending money on Christmas. Something that I feel really passionate about is that people should feel able to talk about money and it shouldn’t be taboo. The exact words I used in my first chat with Laura Whitmore on BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss money worries.

You are targeting London areas through the debt-free campaign? What does it mean to you to be able to focus on areas within London?

I feel strongly that every story is different, and money issues will impact people in so many different ways. If we can get into areas that need help, it’s important.

We don’t know what’s going to happen in our lives. Debt-Free London is a FREE charity, going into more deprived areas in London. You are being offered advice without being judged. If people are in difficulty, there are places to go. It’s bright orange, and there are volunteers to offer advice and support.

Debt Free London’s 24-hour advice line on 0800 808 5700 The launch of their free helpline means the support is accessible at all times.

Can you let me know your thoughts about how to manage your finances?

Being in debt can affect anyone. People with debt can be anyone, not just the poorer demographic. You can have lots of money one minute, and nothing the next. So offering advice is an opportunity to help navigate this. People can receive advice without feeling judged.

“Financial problems don’t discriminate”

AngellicA bell

What are your plans for the rest of 2022?

What really matters are the simple things. Ultimately have I got the things around me that no matter what I am doing +work-wise and how much I have in the bank? It’s spending time with people I love. Whether I need to plan a little stakeation or trips, or not to take a job. It’s doing things that are right for me and my personal happiness. Don’t look at what other people have. It’s about getting that balance and meeting good people. The jobs I do, meeting people who do incredible things, who don’t always have the platform. I remember these times.

It’s about being happy, saving a bit of money just in case, and keeping it simple.

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