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Broke Girl in the City – In the Media

In the Media

Broke Girl in the City offers top tips on how to lead your best life even when on a budget. It is about thriving, not just surviving in life.

Broke Girl in the City has been featured in the national press, radio, blogs and podcasts.

Marie is also a regular contributor to BBC Radio 5 Live. I chat with Laura Whitmore on BBC Radio 5, offering my top tips on money and fun things to do on a budget!

UK Money Blogger Profile

Marie Ellis is the Founder & Editor of Documenting her personal journey through life in London and paying off a massive 35k worth of debt.

If you are a member of the press, please feel free to get in touch –

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live Contributor

A regular contributor to BBC Radio 5 Live. I chat with Laura Whitmore on BBC Radio 5, offering my top money tips and fun things to do on a budget!

Green and Ethical Checklist distributed with The Guardian

How going green can save you money | Are e-bikes the future of sustainable transport | Popular electric bikes that are leading the way to change | Simple ways to make your money greener in 2021 | Sustainable fashion and accessories |. What is responsible furniture?

The Green and Ethical Checklist is a full-colour, tabloid-sized newspaper publication distributed full run and nationwide in the Saturday edition of The Guardian newspaper. It showcases a high-quality selection of environmentally friendly products and services ranging from fashion, food & drink, technology, charities and travel.

Virgin Money ‘How I got myself out of £35,000 worth of debt’

Mrs Crunch Website of the Week, The Sun

Broke Girl in the City featured as Website of the Week, offering my Top 3 Tips for saving money.

BBC Feature: WageDay Advance: Tiny payout for borrowers mis-sold payday loans

BBC featured a story about Wage Day Advance and payday loans. Customers Mis-sold Wage Day Advance Payday Loans to Get Just 6% of Compensation Claims

Broke Girl in the City is featured in the Wage Day Advance Payday Loans story.

Debt Stories with Marie Ellis – Broke Girl in the City

Let my or these stories inspire you to make changes and pay off the debt. Release the stress of debt and become debt-free as I did. 

Over to Marie from the Broke Girl In The City to share her story. This is an honest and inspiring story of real-life specifics of debt. And a happy ending with Marie clearing her debt in full and experiencing financial freedom.

The Female Money Doctor

10+ Fantastic And Frugal Socialising Hacks In The City

Marie Ellis of Broke Girl In The City is an expert when it comes to frugal socialising in London, but her tips can be applied in many other cities across the UK. A feature I wrote for The Female Money Doctor.

Joleisa ran a series of interviews interviewing money bloggers to learn about their money failures before they become money savvy.  My interview.

All Things Money – How to Enjoy the Christmas Festivities on a Budget

Christmas is already an expensive time of year, let alone if you are someone who likes to go out and about in the run-up to Christmas too. Whether you are planning to go ice skating, visit your local Christmas market, or even pay a visit to Father Christmas, the cost of doing so can often be quite high, leaving some of us out of pocket. Because of this, I am joined by Marie, who runs her blog, Broke Girl in the City, to discuss how we can all enjoy the Christmas festivities on a budget!

Cash Chats ‘How We Shop’ with Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash

Chat with Andy and other UK Money Bloggers about How We Shop.

Restore Podcast with Eoin Walker

“In this conversation, we talk about Marie’s top tips on navigating debt and the power of micro habits in getting back on track with the finances. We also look at how money matters can spiral out of control and then dissect how Marie beat the problem with her healthy approach to financial practices.”