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About Broke Girl in the City

A smart girl’s guide to leading a fabulous lifestyle with next to no money. It’s tough living and working in the city. Rents are high. Then you have bills and commuting on top. Broke Girl in the City offers top tips on how to lead the best life even when you are literally…broke in the city.

Founder & Editor

Marie Ellis is the Founder & Editor of brokegirlinthecity.com. Having worked in entertainment (bars/nightclubs), as well as film & TV, her social media accounts have been littered with photos of her on the red carpet, film Premieres, & parties. She also has a penchant for cava. Having amassed a massive debt, which she has only just paid off, she also looks to offer budgeting tips, personal finance and advice. As well as focusing on wellness and life in general. It is possible to lead a fabulous lifestyle in the city when broke and this blog is designed to act as little digi-guide to help other girls out there.

Want to write for us?

We would love to feature writers our guest contributors of any description. It can be fashion, music, culture, places to go and see on a budget, or what it’s like to live and work in the city. This blog is both fun and informative so if you have any little nuggets of info you would like to share or would like to write for us, please do get in touch at contact@brokegirlinthecity.com

Broke Girl in the City features:

10+ Fantastic And Frugal Socialising Hacks In The City

Marie Ellis of Broke Girl In The City is an expert when it comes to frugal socialising in London, but her tips can be applied in many other cities across the UK.

Who says frugal can’t be fun?