September – let’s celebrate The month of new beginnings

Hello September! To new beginnings…

I love September. It’s the start of the academic year and the month of new beginnings. So anything from new finances, stationery, furniture and resolutions. It’s a season of change. As we move into Autumn, we learn to embrace this transitional period. I watch my nephew and nieces prepare for the start of school, with new haircuts, school uniforms and no doubt a mixture of apprehension and excitement. Change is good for us, even if it seems a little scary at the same time.

I started a new job recently, so this period signals a positive change for me. In August, I decided to take a little blogging holiday. Recently writing for The Guardian’s sustainability supplement and Checklists meant that I had written a vast amount of articles in a short space. of time. I also needed some time to think about what changes I needed to make in my life and prepare for the months ahead. I bought a new desk and chair for working from home and prepared myself for a new routine. September to me would be the start of something new.

What new beginnings will you embrace this September and what are you preparing for?

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‘The Power of Three’

During my lockdown diaries, I have been offering 3 tips on how to manage lockdown each week. Not only is ‘3 ‘my magic number, but I have always worked in multiples of 3 for anything marketing-related. We all like to have choices. However, if we have too much choice, we often can’t decide what to do, or we do nothing. Paralysis by analysis. So moving forwards I am going to focus on the “Power of 3” – suggesting 3 things to do to focus on ourselves each month. Whether it’s something fun, or something financially advantageous to us.


Many of us fear change. The last couple of years have been so difficult, the last thing we want is more change and upheaval. Yet change is good for us. Think about what changes are needed in your life. What are you most scared of? I am a firm believer in writing things down. List 3 things you want to change this month and keep referring to them throughout the month. The one thing that scares me? Learning to drive after being in a car accident many years ago, which left me so shaken up I vowed never to own a car. So this September I am going to book my first driving lesson…eek. To all my friends who know me. I did promise I would let you know when I intended to be on the roads.


You don’t have to do anything crazy. Perhaps you have had the same hairstyle for ages or haven’t even bothered at all during all of these lockdowns. It might have been a while since you had a manicure, went to the dentist, did any exercise or bought new clothes. Do one thing to update your look this month and make yourself feel good! I love to buy second-hand clothes, so why not support #SecondHandSeptember and look at what clothes are available? It’s a more sustainable option too!


I met a really good friend of mine on Sunday, who laughed at how we would never be rich, as we always spent what we earned. Whatever your money management style is, or emotions towards money. Teach yourself one good money habit this month. As I have just been contacted by a friend of mine who told me that he has saved for the first time in his life after using the Plum investing tool. I want to share this tip. Download the Plum app and start saving/ investing today. The AI tool scrapes money from your account each month and saves for you. Let me know how much you have by the end of the year. It doesn’t matter how small an amount just start.

That concludes my NEW Lockdown Diaries series!