Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Marie Ellis

People say write about what you know. So I did. I founded Broke Girl in the City - a smart girl's guide to leading a fabulous lifestyle on a budget! A career spanning entertainment, bars & nightclubs (and frequenting them), film, music and TV, there isn't much I don't know about how to have fun in the city when completely broke.
Eve-Yasmine is a London-based 22-year old singer-song writer who debuted her hit single 'Habibi' earlier this year. I have followed Eve's career since my MTV days when she was just 17 years old. Driven, talented and downright lovely, Eve is one of those people you instantly know is a rising star. I have been watching her carve out a globally recognised career,...
  Wellness is so important when living and working in the city. Whatever career we choose, it will nearly always involve working long hours, in a competitive environment, a long commute, on top of the stresses of every day life.  It's become more important than ever to stay well, both mentally and physically, which is why we decided to include a wellness section...
Amy Winehouse would have turned 33 years old today. It's hard to believe it was five years ago one Friday night that the world lost a talented star and much-loved character. Millions of fans took to twitter in tribute to the star. Amy was a musical genius who left a back catalog of songs including 'Rehab', 'Tear's Dry On Their Own' and...
  Budgeting is something I have never been good at. In fact, I SUCKED at it despite all of my efforts over the years. So to my surprise, by downloading this Spending Tracker app, I have finally managed to figure out where on earth my money goes every month. The results were quite shocking, if not surprising, but the app has transformed my spending habits. Before... is for girls everywhere, who live in the city, on a shoestring budget.  Call it what you want - champagne lifestyle, beer money -  we all want to have a fabulous lifestyle! Each month Broke Girl in the City will share top tips on what's hot right now, making money, entertainment, lifestyle and wellness. What's more, we want this to...
Strictly Come Dancingvideo
We are definitely watching Strictly Come Dancing this year. Working with the beautiful Laura Whitmore and charismatic Melvin Odoom at MTV, these two alone will bring a great mixture of professionalism and fun to what has become a fantastic series for weekend watching. @Thewhitmore I met Laura when she first started working at MTV.   She was instantly likeable, lovely, loyal and has not changed at...
Film Quiz for you courtesy of Cineworld Cinema.  The first week back at work is always a bit difficult...even when it is a four day week. How about sending this around to your colleagues and see who performs the best! Good luck!   How many top films can you spot in this visual brain-teaser? From Trolls to Fantastic Beasts, X-Men to Captain America, 2016...

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