Tik Tok launches donation stickers

TikTok is a social video app that allows users to share short videos.  Dance videos and TikTok challenges have already defined the app’s ongoing success. The app which has been download over 2 billion times is thriving under lockdown. You only have to look at #onmyown (297m) and #lockdownlife (232.3m) trending to see why.

TikTok introduces Donation Stickers to support COVID-19 fundraising efforts

  • British Red Cross and Help Musicians donation stickers now available for TikTok users to raise money
  • TikTok to match users’ donations until 27 May

TikTok has launched Donation Stickers. A new in-app donation feature that creators can include in their videos and lives streams. Raise funding for the charities and causes they care most about. You can check out two of the stickers below.

Available in select countries, Donation Stickers are clickable donation buttons that can be embedded directly in videos and TikTok LIVEs. Just like other stickers on the platform. When a user clicks the Donation Sticker, they’ll be guided to a window where they can quickly and easily submit a donation without having to leave the app. Donation Stickers are enabled in-app by Tiltify, a well-established fundraising platform that will process and manage user donations securely. Only users 18+ are able to donate. 

TikTok will match users donations

The British Red Cross (@BritishRedCross) and Help Musicians (@HelpMusicians) are the first UK charity beneficiaries to have dedicated donation stickers.

Globally, TikTok will be matching users donations made through Donations Stickers, beginning from today through to the 27 May 2020.  

British Red Cross and Help Musicians

All fundraising will go towards the British Red Cross, Help Musicians and select charities from around the world, participating in this initial launch. Users will be able to track donations in-app. Displaying the biggest contributors and top video and TikTok LIVE contributions that have driven fundraising efforts.

Donations will help those in the most need to get food and medicine to their doorsteps. Making sure refugees and people seeking asylum are safe. As well as working with the NHS to support people home from hospital. Donations will help the British Red Cross continue its vital work.

For Help Musicians, donations will go towards the charity’s ongoing Coronavirus hardship funding. Following the UK’s lockdown announcement. Many musicians instantly lost the majority of their income with festivals and gigs cancelled, and recording and rehearsal spaces closed. Help Musicians has already received and processed 17,000 applications to its Hardship Fund in just two weeks. As it moves into the next phase of its support package. These vital funds will provide a lifeline to those suffering hardship through lost earning potential.

Rich Waterworth, TikTok General Manager UK said: “In times of crisis, charities play an even greater role in protecting our most vulnerable communities. We recently announced a £5m donation to the RCN Foundation to provide emergency funding to hundreds of frontline health and social care workers. Now we want to go further to help more charities gain access to the funding they need to support people both now and beyond the coronavirus epidemic.

“Our community on TikTok surprises us every day with their creative, uplifting spirit through this crisis and we hope they’ll join us in helping those in need. We chose the British Red Cross and Help Musicians as our initial launch beneficiaries – as charities on the frontline of the coronavirus response – where we know this funding will deliver meaningful support for communities that have been hugely impacted by this crisis.”

Paul Amadi, Chief Supporter Officer at the British Red Cross said: “We are excited to be one of the first charities to include the new TikTok Donation Sticker. This opportunity will help the British Red Cross raise vital funds to continue our work, supporting the most vulnerable people during this crisis. 

“For 150 years, the British Red Cross has supported the nation through its most difficult times and coronavirus is no exception. We are delivering food and medicine to those who need it most, making sure refugees and people seeking asylum are safe, and working with the NHS to support people home from hospital. From handwashing dance moves to showcasing our people working on the frontline, the British Red Cross has been using the TikTok platform to lift the nation’s spirits and share vital information about the virus. Teaming up with TikTok will help us continue putting kindness into action because while we may be apart, for now, kindness will keep us together.”

James Ainscough, CEO at Help Musicians said: “We’re incredibly grateful to be supported by TikTok through this brilliant new feature. The Coronavirus pandemic has had a monumental effect on musicians’ ability to earn a living. The vast majority of musicians are self-employed and in our recent survey, we found that 25% said they would not be eligible for self-employed support. Phase one of Help Musicians’ Coronavirus support sought to alleviate some immediate financial hardship with one-off grants, and with over 17,000 applications in just a few weeks, the need was almost overwhelming. As we evolve our support package, it is through fundraising such as this that we can offer vital long-term support in order to make a meaningful difference to musicians when they need us most.”