2024 Beauty Predictions: The Biggest Trends To Stay On Top Of

2024 has arrived and we are well prepared for another year of groundbreaking beauty trends. Last year was a time for natural, iconic, and memorable beauty trends, as we even revisited some trends featured in the last century. One thing is for sure, things are going to get much more dramatic in 2024. Predicting 2024 beauty trends is the best way to stay on top of your beauty hacks, whilst also looking your best for the year ahead. Check out predictions, or come back to this blog to let us know if we were right or wrong!

AI beauty 

It seems like AI is being mentioned in just about every industry possible. With artificial intelligence being the talking point of 2023, 2024 is experiencing a sharp incline in its capabilities. From matching foundation shades to providing a personal shopping experience, the beauty industry is taking AI by the horns and using it to its advantage. Take platforms such as TikTok for example. Their branding and marketing are evolving so much that users are buying products based on filters! Brands like Fenty Beauty have developed their own AI lipstick filters to help users find the right shade for them. Now that is what we call online shopping optimised!

Personalised products 

Speaking of AI, so many beauty and skincare brands are now offering personalised shopping experiences, and we only expect this to become the norm in 2024. From repeat shopping to bespoke skincare formulas, you can use advancements in online platforms to find the right beauty products designed for you and you only. This competitive edge will be expanded across some of the most prominent beauty brands to encourage brand loyalty.

2016 makeup returns 

Goodbye, clean girl aesthetic, hello colourful makeup! The clean girl aesthetic had its moment in 2023, everyone made an effort to look as refined and minimalistic as possible. Now, we are seeing a rise in the ‘2016’ makeup, aka the smokey eye and more obvious heavy make-up. Bold and beautiful, we expect to see make-up creativity be in full force, with colourful shades and harsh lines being accepted and encouraged. 

Natural cosmetic enhancements 

Although creative, striking make-up will be back in full swing, we are starting to see people pull back from obvious cosmetic adjustments. From lip filler to breast enlargements in Manchester, the population of women and men has been making changes to fit into the perfection trend social media has installed. However, exaggerated features that cosmetic surgeries tend to result in are now being shunned. Instead, small and natural tweaks will be the only acceptable adjustments. Much of the population with lip filler, for example, is now dissolving these fillers and opting for a stripped-back and natural appearance. We are all here to love our god given features!

Muscle mommies 

An extension of the beauty trends we will see, body types and preferences will also take a turn in 2024. The gym girl aesthetic has taken a turn, and women today are opting for a muscular physique. The ‘muscle mommy’ body type is becoming more and more common. Lifting weights for women has slowly been popularised, but the ladies are amping up their strength game with their newfound strength-chiselled features.  We are excited to see all of the muscle mommies that will emerge into their full form in 2024!

Sustainable packaging 

Back to beauty products, sustainability has been at the forefront of many business objectives in recent years. The beauty industry is seeing a rise in sustainability demands from their green consumers, and they are responding accordingly. Beauty brands in 2024 will all have a sustainability initiative, one of the most prominent ones being sustainable packaging. Reusable, refillable and recyclable packing will become the norm for beauty products in 2024. Not only does this reduce waste and consumption, but products will also be discounted for consumers opting for refillable options. Discounts whilst saving the planet? Yes, please!

Men’s beauty products 

Move over ladies, it’s time for the boys to pamper themselves. The demand for men’s beauty products has skyrocketed already in 2024. With so many innovative brands tailoring their brand and products to the untouched markets of beauty for heterosexual males, we can only assume that the boys will be spending longer to get ready from now on. 

Heatless hairstyles

Last but certainly not least, hair care will take a turn away from the heat in 2024. People are prioritising the nurture and nourishment of their locks, which means steering clear of heated styling methods. Heatless and effortless styling is now the go-to, with overnight curling headbands being at the forefront of the heartless movement. Happy hair is healthy hair, so we expect to see more innovative styling advancements, much like the Dyson Airwrap, as we set into this new year.