29 November – 2nd December is Black Friday weekend followed by Cyber Monday. Started in the US, both have become increasingly adopted traditions here in the UK.

No doubt you will have been inundated with retailers messaging about Black Friday offers and discounts. Certainly, there are deals to be had, Don’t buy anything if you can’t afford to!

1. Budget

It’s so tempting to spend money when everything is discounted. Lightning Deals. Discounts. Make sure you set a budget before Cyber Monday strikes.

2. Create a list

If you NEED anything, make a list of things you can look for on Cyber Monday. WANTS are completely different to NEEDS. You can get some amazing deals if you look properly.

3. Avoid scams

Make sure that you do not fall victim to any phishing emails. Do not give away your bank details unless it is via a secure website. I also checked prices prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Scrupulous retailers inflate prices around this time so the discounts seem better. Make sure that you do not get scammed.

4. Compare before you buy

I am an impulse buyer by nature. Yet it pays to look around at what each of the retailers is offering. I had my eye on a new computer, but in the week of Black Friday, the retail price was inflated so that the discount looked better.

5. Earn cash back this Cyber Monday

Before you buy anything, check TopCashBack and Quidco so that you can secure cash back on anything you buy this Cyber Monday. If you are not already a customer, sign up to each of these cashback websites. You will earn cashback on anything you buy. this Cyber Monday if you purchase through these websites.