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December Pay Day

My December spending diary

As part of my Money Monday series this year, I have been keeping a finance journal looking at how I spend my money each month.

This is the last month of my spending diary series. Looking back through the last year has been an interesting exercise. I love using both the spending app together with Monzo. It’s a fantastic way of keeping track of my spending, but also it helps to understand your spending behaviours.

Week 1:

The fact I am not earning is starting to kick in now. Despite the fact I have been budgeting, money has been slipping out of my hands for various reasons. Just going into London is costing me £20 every few days and it’s so difficult not to buy a coffee when you are in London for hours at a time (let alone a tipple or two!).

Week 2:

My grandmother died this month so I went home to be with my mother. Travelling without buying advance tickets means that I had to buy tickets at full-price which set me back £62.40. Going out for Sunday lunch was lovely as we spent time together, which cost us £32.10 for both of us. I also took my mum to the ODEON cinema in Bournemouth, where we watched Last Christmas. A beautiful story, which really resonated with me. I treated us both to reclining seats at the front of the cinema, as we rarely ever go together.

Week 3:

A trip to Croydon Orthodontics set me back £238 this month, which had been committed to a couple of months back. A big expense on my part, but I have been trying to work on myself both mentally, emotionally and physically before the start of the New Year!

Week 4:

I went down to support the Choose Love store in London, to take pics and also see how I could help in some small way. I bought a kit from the Shelter range, which means that a wash kit will go to someone in need. I also bought myself a T-Shirt so I can wear it to promote their cause further.

Surviving Christmas

Christmas present wise. I bought my family presents over the last couple of months. My mother and I had bought my nieces and nephew presents when we were together which was fun. I had an amazing Lucky Voice karaoke set which I gave to my brother’s family as a joint gift. Anything else I bought off Amazon. My mother keeps losing her glasses, so I bought the most beautiful glasses holder for her. I bought myself a blogging content diary which was a present to myself. I love stationery and wanted to give this blog another boost in the New Year!

Looking back at this month

December has been a mixed bag. I have been minimising all costs where possible, but it’s Christmas! I met with a couple of friends but there were no Christmas parties for me. No spending or hangovers at least.