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If you haven’t yet seen episode 3, then don’t read on. Until you have watched it that is. For those of you, like me, who couldn’t wait and for anyone who has since watched it and is reading this…

I did not see that coming….at all…not one little bit.

In what was a very dark episode, The Great War finally came to Winterfell The Night King with his army appeared undefeatable. It appeared as if our favourite characters were all going to be annihilated in this war, with the Night king showing no signs of ever being defeated.

The most heroic thing we can do now is look truth in the face”

*Contains Spoiler Alerts*

The safest place in Winterfell

Whoever thought that hiding amongst the dead was a good idea, was obviously not thinking properly. Sansa, Tyrion, and Gilly all hide in the crypt away from the war which is raging in Winterfell. There is a tender moment between Sansa and Tyrion who joke that they should have stayed married, but she finishes saying he has divided loyalties between Queens. Hiding in the crypt, Sansa holds the dagger Arya gave to her, and Tyrion pulls out his own weapon. Giving each other a look as he kisses her hand.

Arya says, ‘I know you,’ and Melisandre says, ‘I know you.’

The Red Woman

The Red Woman reappears in this episode as she lights the swords of the Dothraki as they ready for battle and then also creates fire around Winterfell. Her role in this episode proves to be essential and after the war has ended. The Red Woman walks away into the snow, slowly turning into her elderly self, before collapsing into a heap and dying.

Daenerys cries as she realizes she's losing Jorah Mormon

Lives are lost in the Great War

Many lives are lost this episode. Jon and Daenerys fight on their dragons. The war is relentless. The Night King’s army swarms around Winterfell before managing to penetrate the walls. The epic battle was shot almost in darkness, as you strained to make out what was happening. It is only when the Night King is able to walk through fire – he gleefully appears invincible and Daenerys seems terrified.

Daenerys cries as Jorah Mormon is dying. Her trusted and loyal Jorah who gave up his life to save her. We witness the brutal end to Lyanna Mormont, crushed by a giant who she also kills.

“I may be small. I may be a girl, but I won’t be knitting by the fire while I have men fight for me.”


Theon and Bran

Bran acts as a decoy and bait for the Night King. We know that the Night King wants to destroy the three-eyed raven. Theon gives himself up to save Bran before being killed.

Bran tells Theon, ‘You’re a good man, thank you,’ as tears stream down his face and he looks down the Night King

Despite thinking the world is about to end, with the Night King in clear sight of Bran. THAT happens. It is not Jon, but Arya who seeks to combat the Night King. One minute she manages to attack him despite his army circling him, only to have her throat grabbed by the enemy. Watching, you wonder if one of our favourite characters will be killed trying to protect her brother. Yet,


What happens after the Great War

Now that the Night King and his army have been defeated so early on in the series. We wonder what is now in store for the remaining characters and the kingdoms. Most people have called a truce and enemies have fought together to fight against the Night King. Cersei is the remaining enemy left to fight. Will Danaerys and Jon continue to love one another in the fight for the throne? Who else will die before the finale ends?

Episode 4 Preview:

“We have won the great war, now we will win the last war”