Does hypnotherapy work to get over an ex?

katy Perry Hypnotherapy

Katy Perry causes a surge in hypnotherapy queries to get over their ex-partners

• Harley Street Hypnotherapist Adam Cox has experienced a 500% increase in enquiries
• Katy Perry’s newly released song ‘Never Really Over’ includes the lyric “I guess I could try hypnotherapy, I gotta rewire this brain”
• To keep his daughter happy, Adam Cox is offering Katy Perry a free hypnotherapy session

Getting over an ex is never easy. Katy Perry addresses this in her new single ‘Never Really Over’. Many people have speculated on whether this is about her on-off relationship with Orlando Bloom. Regardless, she has struck a chord with many people who also are not quite over their ex. It doesn’t really matter how much time passes, many people find it difficult to get over a relationship. The colourful new-age inspired video is set in a retreat for the broken-hearted for those seeking treatment to get over a relationship. Katy Perry is here at her best; the dream-like sequences, bizarre symbolism, and beautiful vocals.

Katy Perry

I’m losing my self control

Yeah, you start and I trickle back in

But I don’t wanna fall down the rabbit hole

Cross my heart, I won’t do it again

Harley Street hypnotherapist Adam Cox and founder of ‘Addiction Experts’ was shocked to discover the reason behind him receiving so many hypnotherapy enquiries was due to Katy Perry’s new single that discusses her contemplating hypnotherapy over obsessively thinking about her ex.

Does hypnotherapy work to get over an ex?

Katy Perry’s ‘Never Really Over’

The song by Katy Perry is the UK’s highest new chart entry at 13 references her struggles with getting over past relationships. 

Initially, Cox didn’t understand why he was getting so many enquiries about such a specific area until he overheard his 9-year-old daughter playing the song and picked up on the hypnotherapy reference “I guess I could try hypnotherapy, I gotta rewire this brain.”

I guess I could try hypnotherapy

I gotta rewire this brain

‘Cause I can’t even go on the internet

Without even checking your name

While listening to the song, Cox noticed striking similarities between the feelings Katy echoes and the same feelings patients often seek help for.

“The song is essentially the thought process of thinking about the previous partner and attempting to move on but falling into the pattern of thinking about the past relationship,” says Cox. “The lyric in the chorus “I tell myself, tell myself, tell myself, ‘Draw the line’ And I do, I do But once in a while, I trip up, and I cross the line And I think of you” – is a common pattern as it shows the conflict between the conscious decision to draw the line and move on, but this is easier said than done and many people will experience flashbacks of previous memories or moments with their ex with strong emotional connections which can become addictive.” 

Adam continues, “The lyric where she admits to checking her ex’s name online is also a common theme as many clients admit to following their ex on social media platforms, often anonymously. This compulsive behaviour can cause traumatic new feelings, particularly if their ex is now with someone new.” 

Whilst this song explores the addictiveness relationships – if you have been at the effect of a relationship with a narcissist – the only way to truly to get over a toxic relationship like this is to go “NC” (No Contact). Block them on all social media – the addiction to the relationship is real and many will try and hoover you back in.

Katy Perry

Cox to offer Katy a free Hypnotherapy session

To celebrate her new single, and win brownie points with his daughter – Cox wants to offer Katy a free Hypnotherapy session to help her rewire her brain before she ties the knot with Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom.

“Katy has helped my practice flourish so offering her free hypnotherapy is the least I could do, says Cox. “I would start by taking a detailed analysis of the issues and what coping mechanisms she uses to get by. Many people can turn to excessive eating or drinking to self-medicate. I’d also see if the emotional attachment to the ex-partner is affecting current relationships as many people try to erase the memory of an ex in a new relationship, unfortunately, if the emotional bond is still with the ex it can negatively affect a new relationship. I’d use a combination of clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT to help her change her thought patterns or to use her words ‘rewire her brain’.”

Get over your ex download

Getting over an ex hypnosis download

For those of us who are unable to directly see Adam, he has also created a hypnosis audio download costing £9.99 for those struggling with an ex and not able to work with him directly. 

“As a hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, many people can’t afford to work with me. To help as many people as possible I’ve created a hypnosis download specifically to help people get over an ex priced at just £9.99. I will donate all proceeds to a charity of Katy Perry’s choice.”

Adam Cox is a fully insured clinical hypnotherapist who qualified with the LCCH, is a member of the BSCH (British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists) and listed on the GHR (General Hypnotherapist Register)