Interview with Poppy Delbridge

Poppy Delbridge

Poppy Delbridge is a Mindset Coach, Strategic Success Mentor and Intuitive Energy Worker empowering women to be agents of positive change in their lives and work. Poppy’s clients have included CEOs, public figures, brand leaders and celebrities and her work has featured in magazines and publications such as Glamour, Deadline Hollywood, Health and Wellbeing, Sheerluxe and Red. Poppy kindly agreed to an interview with me, where we talk about SLAY, how to manage your mindset and energy through this challenging period and she also offers some amazing tips for you all.


I first met Poppy when we worked at MTV. Poppy has incredible energy and positivity. Last year, I was invited to attend a SLAY Retreat in Richmond, which was an incredible experience. You are encouraged to explore your own personal transformational journey, the event itself designed to inspire and connect. SLAY is a holistic approach to success for people and she has created a hub which looks at everything in your work and life.


10 Questions with Poppy Delbridge

Poppy kindly agreed to this interview with me to share top tips on how to have a healthy mindset and energy right now. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to find out a little more about her.

1. Can you tell me a little about yourself and what you do?

Poppy has a number of successful businesses. She set up SLAY which offers a holistic approach to success for both men and women, with a focus on work and life. SLAY retreats are designed for women, which prioritises self-development and self-care with an intimate group of career-minded and entrepreneurial women.  Poppy also runs a very successful TV Formats company, ‘The Empress Way’, which creates and connects content ideas to on-screen talent and production companies via broadcasters and networks globally. Poppy’s businesses are aimed at empowering women in different industries with a conscience and interest in making an impact in some way and how to get that more blown up. Poppy is also a mum of a 16-year-old.

2. What prompted you to set up SLAY Retreats?

‘I like bringing people together and am a fan of collecting collectives of people who can inspire and support each other. It’s quite hard for women who are working to find the time or the right space in which to do that.’

Poppy continues to say, ‘I saw loads of retreats for the body, like yoga retreats. I was looking for a retreat that was more about self-development and more holistically based. There wasn’t much at all based in the real world, in terms of that, you can have with a glass of wine and busy job rather than doing a detox and going to Ibiza for a week. I love doing all of that stuff but what if I wanted to do that as well. At the time I had a few clients who said they liked that and so I set it up myself.’

3. Pivot with Poppy is a brilliant initiative where people can be mentored. Can you tell me a little more about it?

Pivot with Poppy is about creative business inspiration. Aimed at women who are running businesses, building brands or running initiatives, who would like support and inspiration by a group of women around them. It can be an isolating experience running your own business, even more so right now. Pivot with Poppy offers a chance to be mentored by Poppy, who will be available twice a week to check-in on the group. It is about adopting a positive mindset, keeping that creative energy and also have some accountability to make sure you get things done. Poppy will help you work on yourself as well as your business.

Pivot with Poppy is an application process to unite the most promising people and ideas, starting next Tuesday! Contact Founder Poppy Delbridge if you would like to apply.

Each SLAY hub has a limit of 10 people for maximum focus – the team will place you into one that best furthers your growth and network.

4. You hold classes on energy and tapping. What advice would you give to others during this challenging period?

When I went on the SLAY retreat, I saw first hand the benefits of tapping. Poppy suggests doing a round of tapping in their days, which is really simple to do. It is an anxiety buster, something which I am sure we all need right now!

Poppy Delbridge tapping techniques

Worrying about money? Poppy said a massive tip right now if you are worried about money, is to not be in the energy of feeling a lack. Surround yourselves with things that make you feel abundant. For example, it can be something really simple, like lighting your best candle rather than leaving it as an ornament. Light it and feel abundant – allow that to be your feeling.

Clear out your wallet and get rid of all the clutter. Get rid of all those old receipts. It clears your relationship with your money centres. Subconsciously you are thinking that I’ve got a messy wallet with those old receipts, and it is reminding you that you might not have the money to be able to afford those things. That’s important.

There are money hacks you can do that have really worked for me and other people that I have helped. Also, another great tip is to get rid of anything like dead plants, things that are old and make you feel skanky, old make-up and bottles of stuff that you don’t want.

5. Mind and soul awareness are a key focus for your workshops. It feels like this is a time to reconnect with ourselves as we re-evaluate what’s important in our lives. What are your top tips?

‘I would do a thought diary to log your thoughts. At the end of the day, you will be able to look at what is mainly positive and negative. A gratitude diary is great. Practice 3 gratitudes when you brush your teeth.’

6. In your latest blog post, ‘A woman must have a room and money of her own’, which is a quote by Virginia Woolf. You talk about creating your own daily sanctuary. Can you offer your advice to other people in lockdown, who want to create one of their own?

You can create a sanctuary anywhere. There are physical things you can do. Create a small space for yourself. Make your bed in the morning and put the best things that make you feel nice that you have on it and give yourself a time for this to be your sanctuary. Spend time doing a short meditation. If you have never meditated, now this a really good time to add it in. You can create a sanctuary in your mind even if you don’t have a sanctuary around you.

Another good tip is to use the bath. I have two baths a day. I am a ritual bather. That is my time. Don’t forget I was a mum, working 24/7 and keeping a house. The bath was my haven. Get table salt and put in the bathwater as it also detoxifying.’ A great and cheap tip!

7. Who have been your biggest inspirations?

‘Mum and Dad. Despite the fact they went through near-death, losing everything, they stayed upbeat and positive. That is a big inspiration for me. We as people are more capable than we think we are.’

8. What would be your advice to other people over the forthcoming months?

‘Allow yourself to use this time to create something different in your life. Create a new normal for yourself’. We talked about how not to plunge back into your life and decide what is good for you.

‘Also, a helpful tip is putting stuff in your diary, where you have to not let someone down. A bit like when you’re at work or you are with people and have to go and meet someone to not let them down. We have now got to force ourselves to create these times where we have to show up. Do something positive for ourselves and someone else. Putting these times in our diary to check in on someone, look at their work or help someone – can be really powerful.’

9. What is your top tip for living your best life?

‘Cultivate self-belief any way you can’. 

10. What are your plans and ambitions for the rest of 2020?

Write a book.