‘Killing Eve’ Season 2 Finale

Killing Eve Season 2

‘Killing Eve’ Season 2: Finale Review

*Spoiler alerts*

Season 2’s finale of Killing Eve, written by Pheobe Waller-bridge is available in full on BBC iPlayer and aired in the UK on BBC ONE, 9pm tonight.

Jodie Comer is outstanding as the female assassin and psychopath Villanelle. She believes she is truly in love with Eve and will stop at nothing to be with her. Finally, In tonight’s episode, we wonder what the resolution will be given the fact that Series One ended with a knife to the stomach!

Mirror, Mirror

Psychopaths tend to mirror back to you what you desire, as they attempt to possess you. During the series, we have witnessed Eve adopt characteristic traits of a psychopath, as she becomes closer to Villanelle. Yet her lack of empathy for her husband, unadulterated selfishness and morbid fascination with female psychopaths, suggests that she herself is exhibiting psychopathic traits.

“What is it about her”

“We are the same”

Konstantine to Villanelle

Nico (Owen McDonnell) her husband, has been Eve’s biggest supporter and knows her incredibly well. Yet while Eve is drawn to darkness like a moth to a flame, Nico retreats when he senses them both in danger. He can’t follow her down the rabbit hole and despite pleading with her to stay safe, she constantly puts both of their lives in danger.

I seemed to like Eve (Sandra Oh) less during the series and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) more, which is a testament to the writing and performances by both Jodie and Sandra.

Spotlight on the psychopathic mind

Billionaire Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and Eve offer an interesting study of different types of psychopaths. This scene acts as a microcosm of the overall series. Both appear devoid of emotion, remorse. Yet Eve experiences sexual desires and impulses to interact with people, whilst Aaron appears to be more voyeuristic and controlling of them. Aaron is a bully and control freak, who also likes to kill. The episode opens as they compare notes; whilst not declaring they are both psychopathic killers. Aaron is becoming more enchanted with Eve; she is an enigma to him.

“It has to be perfect. There’s no point if it isn’t perfect”

Eve, in contrast, is falling apart. Displaying risky and impulsive behaviours, Eve has sex with her male colleague which makes rather uncomfortable watching, her marriage has broken down due to her actions and she is not exactly the best M16 agent on the case as she is too emotionally involved.

“Did you know Aaron makes movies, Eve?” – Villanelle

Villanelle offers great insight into the working mind of the psychopath. Boredom is what a psychopath feels and they will do anything to relieve this. When she discovers she is to be at dinner with Raymond, her nemesis she uses the ‘safe word’. Eve comes running to her aid, thinking she is in trouble, which she was, but she downplays this knowing she has blown her cover but pleased she has Eve’s attention.

 “Did you know Aaron makes movies, Eve? I mean, they’re not great—the murders are okay, but I want more story you know.”


Aaron understanding she is also a psychopathic killer, offers her the world and to work for him saying she will never be bored again. For a split second, her loyalties are tested – we think.

Yet once he threatens to hurt Eve. She grabs a knife and slits his throat, holding him up to a mirror to watch himself die, which he does with a smile. Death is the ultimate ecstasy.

Carolyn and Konstantin

The relationship between Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) is an interesting one. Carolyn is the ultimate secret spy pro. Fiona Shaw plays this role incredibly well. Remaining always in control, she also has an incredibly dark side, but with steel will, she puts her feelings to one side and will manipulate the situation to gain an end result.

“If something happens you and Eve are on your own”


Konstantin remains Villanelle’s mentor and friend, saving her life before he has to abandon her. When he reveals she has been set up, you can tell she is upset, but this theme of family hints at something to come in the future. What seems like a throwaway remark may be more significant in Series 3. When Konstantine tells her family is more important, Villanelle responds saying “I wouldn’t know, all of mine are dead”. To which he replies, “Most of them sure”. She asks him what he means, but this is no time to chat as her life is at risk and they must part.

It’s interesting that as Konstantin waits for the details to find his family, he says nothing to Carolyn as he walks away despite their history together. A final farewell.

Season 2: Finale Summary

Season 2 has been criticised by some for not being as pacy and dramatic as Season One. What we see in this season is the development of their relationship against the backdrop of an ever-moving political environment, where you never know who is the bad guy. The two worlds seem fused together; one which is not far removed from a James Bond film, reminiscent of the cold war days and their world. The closer they get, the more both of their worlds end in turmoil.

Eve is out of her depth and floundering, seeming melodramatic in comparison to Villanelle who is euphoric that she finally has Eve’s attention, yet is controlled. What we love about Villanelle is her humour.

“If I get shot, I want you to remember that it’s your fault and for my funeral I want them to chose a flattering photo not the mugshot with the bandana”

Villanelle cares about Eve and sees them as partner-in-crimes. Season 2 is obviously is not going to end well despite the fact that throughout the series they have compulsively been drawn to one another.

“She wouldn’t do the same for you”


The scene where Villanelle meets her nemesis Raymond borders somewhat on the absurd. The image of Raymond wielding an axe is reminiscent of a scene from a Stephen King novel – probably one of the reasons why I still get nervous when in hotels by myself. “You’re such a drama queen” – Villelle retorts as she meets him in the hotel. She is not afraid for her safety, but once he threatens Eve she fights him.

Eve delivers a blow to the shoulder with an axe to save Villanelle from being strangled, but the following sequence appears ridiculous and melodramatic rather than dramatic.

Villanelle is ecstatic that Eve has come to her rescue, has killed her attacker and now needs her. She finally has everything she wants in her mind.

“None of it means anything. It doesn’t matter anymore”.

Killing Eve Season 2

“You’re mine”

If you have ever been in a relationship with a psychopath or narcissist, you will know any too well that they view you as their possession. Yes, that person might be infatuated with you at the start, but they do not feel emotions in the same way. The psychopath in love is just as capable of destroying you.

“I’ll look after you. It’s going to be amazing”

In words that mirror Aaron, she reassures Eve saying, “relax, everything will be perfect”.

On the run, the couple emerges into idyllic and romantic surroundings – a mirage of paradise. An elated Villanelle looks to their future, asking what she can cook for her, saying that they can finally “be normal”.

Eve understandably is in shock after killing someone for the first time. However, she stands up to Villanelle saying she is going home and doesn’t love her. Villanelle does not take this rejection well after chasing Eve and putting her own life in danger, which is more of a narcissist trait. That said, she did seem nonplussed when her previous lover killed himself accidentally smelling her ‘perfume’. Villanelle realises the dream she had of being with Eve has been taken away from her and her love is not being reciprocated. So, what else does a psychopathic assassin do? Of course, she shoots her dead.

“I love you”

“You don’t understand what that is”

“I do. You’re mine”

Villanelle shows no emotion as she walks away after killing Eve. The ending mirrors the ending of Series One, where Eve stabs Villanelle. We are all left wondering…will Eve survive? Did she play dead? How will this situation resolve itself? What will Villanelle do next? We just have to wait until Series 3 next year.

Killing Eve seasons 1-2 are available on BBC iPlayer. Season 3 will air in 2020.