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Lockdown Learning - Free Investing Courses

UK Money Blogger Simon from Financial Expert has provided a FREE investing course which you can start in lockdown. What better time to spring clean your finances and look at how you can invest in your future!

Lockdown Learning – Free Investing Courses You Can Take Online

Due to widespread homeworking and a blanket ban on social activities, many people are struggling to find constructive ways to spend their spare time at the moment.

Some are turning to old hobbies, while others are returning to education with the ambition of emerging from the lockdown with new skills.

Meanwhile, financial stress on households is slowly rising across the country. Many of us have seen a reduction in job security as the economy has weakened. Sizeable pay cuts have become ‘business as usual’ and have impacted a significant proportion of the workforce. 

Wouldn’t it be incredibly useful to tackle both boredom and money pressure in one go? Well, there is one activity that sits in that sweet spot: online money courses!

Lockdown Learning - Free Investing Courses

The solution: online money courses

The online investment training on Financial-Expert.co.uk is a good example. Although of course there are also many alternatives if you search around.

Financial Expert hosts three courses, aimed at beginners, intermediate level and advanced investors. The beginner course assumes zero prior knowledge and introduces anyone to basic investing principles such as:

  • How the stock market works and why shares are popular investments
  • How investors create a sensible investment portfolio
  • How to mitigate risks and stay true to your own risk tolerance
  • What are the red flags that signal that investing might not be appropriate for you?

If you’ve been curious about the stock market and have always wanted to do more with your money than simply depositing it in a savings account, now could be the right opportunity to make that time investment and decide whether to take a step towards becoming an investor!

Each course level takes around 2 hours. However, I recommend that you take one topic (10 – 15 minutes) per day to give yourself the time to naturally digest the concepts in a logical order.

By the time you have completed the foundation course, you may already have the confidence to research investments further and consider making your first trade!

Lockdown Learning - Free Investing Courses

The benefits of learning online

Online courses require no printed materials such as textbooks, and many are provided at little or no cost.

The investing courses offered by Financial Expert are completely free to access and don’t even require an email address. In this way, the knowledge is available to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of whether they’re experienced and wealthy or folks at the very beginning of their investment journey.

As an added benefit; taking a course over a period of weeks could also provide a sense of structure and progression to a very unstructured month. The feeling of taking back control of your days and using your time productively can be very addictive. Once you’ve completed several topics, you might catch the bug and want to binge the whole course!