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Celebs Go Camping

Celebrity 5 Go Camping – C5, 8pm

5 celebrities were picked to go camping in Dorset: Jimmy Davro, Stephen Bailey, Michelle Collins, Joe Swash and Cheryl Baker.

I love seeing Stephen on TV. Always a proud moment for all of his friends. Although I might need to take on the map reading skills should we ever venture out of the city together in the future after having seen the first few minutes of this!

First quaffing champagne the fabulous 5 head to the Isle of Purbeck – such a beautiful part of the UK. Despite the fact that I follow Stephen on social so have been lots of fun behind the scenes photos. You can tell they will all be firm friends during and after their shared campaign experience.

What I love about the programme is that each of the group does the voice-overs and provides the narrative for the programme. Sustained by hilarious quips along the way!

Finding an outdoors specialist the group don’t sound over enthralled to find they need to bed down for the night. The guys are absolutely brilliant fun but in a way, you are laughing with them, not at them.

Your first time camping?

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Celebs Go Camping

“Where is the nearest B&B, I’ll pay for it. Well Joe will pay for it” – Stephen Bailey

Thankfully they don’t quite have to kip in the great outdoors but they do get to bed down for the night in some amazing tents. It’s Stephen’s first time camping and Cheryl’s first time in a tent so this is a ridiculously fun first time experience on camera.

What is so sweet is Joe Swash getting up to make Jimmy a 60th birthday breakfast coffee, but not being able to figure out how to heat the water.

“Surround yourself with positive people and find love” – Bobby Davro Birthday advice

Celebs go camping

“I think it’s going to be a wonderful experience. I can’t wait.” – Bobby Davro

Celebs 5 Go Camping

“I didn’t even get my badge at cubs” – Stephen

Stephen Bailey

“I just want to prove I’m not high maintenance” – Michelle

Stephen Bailey Michelle Collins

“I feel like they’re my best mates” – Cheryl Baker

Dorset – Photos by Luke de la Nougerede

My family live in this area so it has fond memories for me. I love Durdle Door and Corfe Castle. Such beautiful places to go.

(c) Luke de la Nougerede
(c) Luke de la Nougerede