How to survive your Christmas party

I do love the Office Christmas Party. It’s a time to celebrate the year with your colleagues over Christmas dinner and (free) drinks. However, it does also come with risks. So we thought as part of our #blogmas special, we would dedicate this post to how to survive your Christmas Party.

The avid dancer:

Personally I love throwing some shapes on the dance floor during a party. Just be sure not to be THAT one. The person who loves drawing attention to themselves and dancing seductively on the dance floor. Save those amazing moves for when you are out with your friends instead.

The office romance:

Just because you might fancy someone in the office. Don’t make the office Christmas party the time to get your snog on. Unless of course you really like them but chances are the bosses are looking too. If you decide to go home together just remember you will spend the rest of your career at that company knowing they have seen you naked.

The drunk:

Free flowing alcohol is amazing but equally as dangerous. Whilst it might seem a great idea to hit the free booze, try and not be THAT drunk person. The one who slurs their words at the start of the party. The one who insists about talking about work to their boss. The one who has to leave early because they are too drunk. Have fun but be warned…don’t be the drunk of the party.

The party animal:

I love a good party. I am usually one of the last to leave. However just remind yourselves that this is a staff party for everyone. So while you might want to take the Christmas Party to new heights. The golden rule is never to be the first one who gets drunk. Also, remember these are your work colleagues no matter how much you get on with each other. I know a PR representative who fell asleep drunk on the dancefloor at her staff party and didn’t quite make it through to the New Year in her career.

The Christmas Outfit:

Channel your inner goddess by all means. That doesn’t mean showing off your amazing body for everyone to see. Stay classy and make sure you leave a good impression, not a lasting one for all of the wrong reasons.

“Remember that tonight the decisions you will make will have consequences that will haunt you for the rest of your professional lives and so have fun” -[amazon_textlink asin=’B01MTVHIID’ text=’  The Office’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’brogirinthe01-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’4bae0cf6-f634-11e8-9de9-bdc2d9fcd9c4′]