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Which UK Park is the Best for Sport?

Hampton Court Park Crowned Best UK Park for Sport!

  • Hampton Court Park takes the title of the best UK park to play sports!
  • Richmond Park ranks first for best UK park for open field sports
  • Moors Valley Country Park and Forest is in the top spot for best UK park for track and trail
  • The best UK park for water sports is Farnham Park
  • The UK Park that receives the highest annual average of sunshine hours is Victoria Park!

With ‘Race for Life’ events starting all over the UK from the 25th of September, GolfSupport.com were eager to discover which UK park is best for outdoor recreation!

To do so, an index was created looking into 170 greenspaces. An average weighted score out of ten was awarded to each park by analysing variables such as sunshine hours, greenspace perimeter and area, as well as waterlines.

For more information, you will find the study in full here:

The Best Parks in the UK for Sports

GolfSupport.com can reveal that topping the list is Hampton Court Park!

This royal park can be found in London and has an overall score of 9.02 out of 10. Which makes it a great park for both water (8.98) and open field sports (9.00), as well as track and trail (9.09)!

Closely behind in second place is Moors Valley Country Park and Forest with 8.87/10 for the sport overall. Additionally, it takes the crown for best UK park for track and trail with a score of 9.35/10, as the park has a perimeter of 13,720 metres to explore and an annual average of 620 hours of sunshine!

In third is Bushy Park (London) (8.87/10). With a huge 3,155,757 metres squared of green space to explore it is no wonder, this royal park’s highest individual score is for open field sports (9.32/10).

Horton Country Park (Surrey) comes in eighth with an overall score of 8.21 out of 10. It scored highest for track and trail at 8.97/10; with 12,125 metres of green space and an average of 615 hours of sunshine, you’ll have plenty of daylight to find your way back from the hiking trails.

In ninth place is Leybourne Lakes Country Park (Kent) with an overall score of 8.18/10.
Rounding off the top ten is Black Park Country Park (Buckinghamshire) it scores fairly evenly across the board for a combined average score of 8.01 out of 10. Scoring 8.40 for open field sports, 7.61 for water sports and 8.02/10 for track and trail.