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10 Ways To Start Saving Money Today 

10 ways to start saving money today1. Forget the morning lattes

You have heard this one many times before. For years I used to ‘treat myself’ to a morning latte. When you think about it, that equates to over £10 a week, £40 a month, and £500 a year!. You can make yourself a coffee at home and at work. Ditch the habit.

2. Take lunch to work

I am rubbish at preparing lunches for work. I start with fresh hopes, requesting recipes from family members and after a couple of days, I am back on the sandwiches (which I loathe and resent for those sort of prices), or meals for one. However, when you work in the city, lunches tend to set you back anything from £5-10. Start planning and stop spending money on everyday lunches.

10 ways to start saving money today

3. Skip the pub on the way home

There’s nothing like having a glass of wine with work colleagues or friends after a long day in the office. Not only does it break up the week, its seems like a great way to unwind, especially in the summer months. The best way to save money today is to skip the pub on the way home. It only takes a glass before you decide to settle in for the night and flash the cash you don’t have, regretting it the next day.

4. Buy supermarket own brands

We all have our favourite purchases, but it’s worth buying supermarket’s own brands. Cheap does not mean low value. I always buy whatever washing powder is on offer. Brand loyalty is less important than shaving money off my shopping bill each week.

5. Set up automated savings

One of the best decisions I made was to set up a weekly savings plan. I filed away the letter with my account number and sort code, together with my login details, so I am not tempted to withdraw from the account. It doesn’t matter if you get paid weekly/monthly, £25 leaving your account each week is something you won’t tend to notice. Over the course of a year, you will have saved £1,300. Result!

6. Cancel direct debits 

It’s easy to set up direct debits for various things. Amazon Prime. Now Sky. Netflix. I sign up to 30-day trials and then forget to cancel. Go through your direct debits and standing orders in your bank account and remove at least one. Today.

7. Look for free entertainment

Living in the city is fantastic. There are so many free options for entertainment. Free screenings. Free art exhibitions. So many things to do which don’t cost a penny. Check out national and local listings for things to do in your area.

10 ways to start saving money today

8. Check for discounts/savings

If you must eat out, then check for discounts and offers. Pizza Express, Strada, Dominos usually always have some sort of deal on, although do check ahead! You can also download the CityMunch app for the latest lunch deals.

9. Stick to your shopping list

I go through days when I buy the bare minimum and then at other times, I buy lots of fresh food which I don’t ever eat. Vegetables, fruit, meat which I then have to throw away. Don’t buy what you are not going to eat and stick to a shopping list.

10. Leave your credit card at home

For many years, my credit cards were maxed out. I just about paid the interest off each month. It’s depressing when you chip away at your credit debt, to then splurge on something and have to start all over again. It’s tempting to carry around credit cards in case of ’emergencies’. Credit cards give you a false sense of security. Before you know it, you have maxed them out again. So leave them at home.