4 Things You Can Do To Prioritise Your Health Today!


If you’re feeling a bit run down and like you want to make your health more of a priority, you’re in the right place. We’re here with four really simple things you can do to make your health a priority today, that won’t massively change your current lifestyle, but will make you feel wonderful, both physically and mentally. Sometimes we need that reset where we start putting ourselves first, and trust us, future you will thank you for it! So, let’s get into it and help you to make your health a priority. 

Eat Nutritious Food

The first thing you can do today to prioritise your health is to eat nutritious foods that are balanced and taste delicious. Enjoying food is so important, as well as ensuring that you’re fuelling your body with what it needs. So, try to eat a good amount of protein to support your muscles, along with carbs to help fuel your body, healthy fats to help with your gut health and a variety of fruits and vegetables that are packed with incredible vitamins and minerals to help a whole host of different bodily functions. If you’re stuck for inspiration, here is an example of what a nutritious day of eating might look like (we’ve included a couple of different options for each meal): 

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs on sourdough with mushrooms, avocado and seeds or porridge with peanut butter, frozen berries and chia seeds. 
  • Lunch: curried lentil and coconut soup with seedy bread roll or chicken and tzatziki wrap with crunchy veg and hummus on the side
  • Dinner: veggie cottage pie topped with cheese and served with gravy or Thai chicken noodle soup with pak choi and carrots

Nutritious food can also taste delicious, so forget your chicken and rice for today and get yourself some tasty food that is also going to fuel your body! You could even spend some time today bulk making a few of your favourite healthy recipes, so you’ve got everything ready to go in the freezer to enjoy when you really want to fuel your body but you’re in a rush. 

Spend An Hour Doing Something You Love

Our next piece of advice is to spend an hour doing something you love. Your mental health is just as much of a priority as your physical health, and both parts of us tie in together so closely, so when you’re looking after your mind you’ll inevitably be looking after your body, too. This looks different for everyone, so have a think about what really makes you relax and unwind and plan that activity into a free hour of the day, whether it’s in the morning or evening. 

This could be spending an hour baking, doing some painting, playing an instrument, catching up with a friend, taking a nice hot bath and doing skincare, reading an hour of your book or perhaps watching your favourite film. When you start setting time aside for yourself and focusing on self care, naturally everything else will start to fall into place. Self care isn’t selfish, so it should be so important that you put yourself first for an hour a day with something you enjoy. 

Walking London

Move Your Body 

Next, focus on moving your body. We’re not talking about super intense exercise here (unless that’s what you love doing, then absolutely go for it), but just focusing on moving your body in a positive way. This could be going for a walk or jog in the morning sunshine, a yoga class or a session at home, your favourite dance fitness class or go lift some weights in the gym. We all know that exercise is good for our bodies, but many people underestimate just how good it is for our minds too. It helps to relieve stress, boosts our energy and enhances wellbeing, which can transform your day. If you can exercise out in the sunshine, that’s even better. 

Book Health Checkups

Last on our list is to book yourself in for some health checkups, of course not all for today, but just take today as the opportunity to get everything booked in. Book an appointment with your dentist in Wakefield, see your GP in London for a blood test, get your blood pressure checked and maybe a blood sugar test too. Often we wait until there’s a serious issue to get something addressed, however if you’re experiencing anything that doesn’t make you feel completely like yourself, then you should go to get help. This is also a good chance to make sure you’re up to date with things like your smear tests, so you’ve got everything covered! You need to make your health a priority, and getting up to date with everything will really help give you peace of mind.

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