Let’s discuss that EPIC recoupling

Now I going to be very honest here. This is my first Love Island. I may have dipped into the previous series, but this is the first that I have been addicted to from the start. So little did I know of the format and also how brutal the show can be. However, I am sure by even Love Island’s standards. Last night was a recoupling to remember, which I just have to talk about before this evening’s show.

Emotions are running high

After spending time with the new guys in Casa Amor, the girls returned to the villa to meet up with the boys who had also been spending time with some new girls. Some were nervous, some excited. Depending of course on whether they had bagged someone new or were waiting in trepidation to see whether their partners had moved on with someone else.

Top 5 recoupling moments:

1. Tommy & Molly-Mae – the real deal

In a world of Michael’s and Curtis’s, we now are all wanting a Tommy. The guy is smitten and so lovely. Did you ever think you would see a boxer holding a teddy bear belonging to his Molly-Mae.

No dry eyes in our house either

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the villa and admittedly I didn’t manage to last out the episode without being choked up too. Love is…Tom-Mae.

2. Michael broke many hearts last night

Twitter was awash with people condemning Michael and Curtis after we have witnessed them looking so loved up with their partners. What seemed more damning about Michael’s behaviour was the way in which he started to criticise Amber, devaluing her before the final discard. In his eyes he was justifying moving on to his new partner by finding faults in Amber. We all knew he was a player, but this was a real low.

If looks could kill

3. Curtis settles for Amy

I have never witnessed a more cringe-worthy TV moment. Oh hang on, then there was Michael’s recoupling. Back to Curtis and Amy. Having been the mum and dad of the house and seemingly most loved-up couple. Curtis’ head was turned as soon as he went to Casa Amor by Jourdan. I have never seen a guy looked so crushed when Danny picked Jourdan to couple up with, leaving Curtis to settle in his eyes with Amy. Considering how much she was gushing over being reunited with him, it made for a painful TV-watching episode.

“Over the past four days I’ve found more out about myself and my feelings than ever before – and it made me realise I’d been lying to myself, and that most of all, I had been lying to Amy.”

4. Jordan and Anna fail to recouple

I didn’t expect this one to be fair. Jordan and Anna have really got on but it didn’t seem a truly loved up affair. When Ovie appeared we knew Anna would be like, ‘Jordan who’ whilst saying she missed him on camera, as one would say about an old dress they were about to throw out. Jordan did, in fact, stay loyal and she couldn’t even look him in the eye. Of course, attributing their failure to recouple as him not being affectionate enough rather than her head turned by her new hunky six-foot hunk of a man.

5. Anton finally gets a girl!

The poor boy didn’t seem that he was ever going to find a chance to get it on with a girl. Yet he remained confident and played a good game sticking around without romance in the hope he would, in fact, find someone. Not only was he rejoicing in the fact he found romance with Belle, but he is also happy someone other than his mum gets to touch his bum.

Tonight’s episode – the aftermath

What would any Love Island Producer do after that EPIC recoupling? Yes, that’s right. Throw them back all in the Villa together, feed them lots of wine and then watch the fall out from the recoupling. Just look at Amber’s face. Michael is about to feel her wrath, and by judging the faces of all of the girls, she will have her squad right behind her.