Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Lyndsay Duthie

Lyndsay Duthie is an executive producer with television credits for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery Network and SKY. Her career began at ITV on talk shows where she spent 10 years originating and producing hit series and documentaries, becoming one of the country’s youngest showrunners aged 23. Lyndsay has filmed a diverse range of documentary output ranging from serial killers on Death Row to the UK’s first 12-year-old dad. From ITV Lyndsay moved to Endemol, before founding her own company Ice Blue Media. She has served on the Board of Directors for Women in Film & TV (WFTV) and judged at the Royal Television Society Awards and International Emmys. In 2013 Lyndsay took up post as Head of the Film and Television programme and Principal Lecturer for University of Hertfordshire. Lyndsay is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Education for 3 years running (2013-2016). Lyndsay is Co-author of The TV Studio Production Handbook published by I.B Tauris (2016) and a TV Critic for publications; The Independent, BBC News and The Conversation. Lyndsay also founded (2017) the Research Institute for Gender in Media (RIGM) in association with Women in Film and TV (WFTV).
More female movie executives would stem the sexist rot in Hollywood Kathryn Bigelow: leading lady in film directing. Shutterstock Lyndsay Duthie, University of Hertfordshire Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer with 300 Oscar nominations, has fallen. After The New York Times revealed decades of accusations of sexual harassment involving a string of actresses, including high profile names such as Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina...
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