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Broke girls guide to Payday drinks

Broke Girl’s Guide to Pay Day drinks

Payday is a mixed bag. It’s exciting seeing your salary briefly sitting in your bank account, making you feel like the richest girl in the world.  


Friday pay day

The rush of spending on Payday weekend is exhilarating, but we all know it can set you back and make you feel shit the next day, as you wake up in a sea of receipts and nauseating remorse. Make sure the one thing you don’t do this weekend is to buy rounds for everyone on Payday! It’s so easy to wiggle that bank card in euphoria like your bum on the dance floor, but you will be sure to regret this for the rest of the working month.

Work drinks

Amy is not the only one addicted to buying rounds and drinking too much. It’s time to work on these addictive behaviours and not be a broke girl the day after Payday.

Here are some top tips for Payday weekend, however you decide to celebrate!


  • Bond with your colleagues over drinks
  • Don’t offer to buy expensive rounds! Know your limits
  • Have fun, chat & have a genuine interest in colleagues you don’t normally talk to


  • Be the first person to get drunk.  Or the drunkest. Everyone will remember ‘that’ person
  • Target your boss and decide this is the time to bring up all gripes about the company
  • Sleep with a colleague or someone else in the business…this may come back to haunt you. It’s not all about size. Hurtful things come in small sizes too.

The Blow Out 

Shots always signify the tipping edge of the night. Jägerbombs, Black Sambuca or Tequila lead you down the path of no return.  You wake up Saturday morning with cold sweats, frantically looking for your phone for photographic evidence on Facebook or texts from your boss/colleagues/ex. It’s not all about size. Hurtful things come in small sizes too.

Girls Night Out

We all love a girls night out! Dressing up is always good fun, and we never see our girlfriends enough when we are working in the city. It’s never fun going out when you are broke (even after payday!) but friends are friends and the real friends will always understand.  Here are some top tips for having fun no matter what your budget is this weekend!

Top Tips Header


  • Be honest and tell your mates you can’t afford to buy rounds
  • Choose a happy hour! Double up with a friend for 2-4-1 cocktails and reserve an area (better promotional deals!)
  • Drink a bottle (or two) of Prosecco getting ready to go out at the weekend.  Equals a ‘cheaper’ night out.


  • Be that person who goes to the toilet when it’s your round
  • Order large wines or double spirits on everyone else’s rounds
  • Spend the night chatting to guys instead of your friends to get drinks