10 Linkedin Top Tips to progress your career

New Year New You

Career tips: Linkedin

New Year is the time many people start job-hunting. Fed up with their jobs, people want to kickstart the new year with a new role.

November-December is when the market slows down. On January 1, 2019, many companies will kick off their budgets for the new year. So the market is generally on the move. So if you are fed up of your job or just looking to progress your career. Kickstart the year by planning your next move!

Linkedin Career Tips

Refresh your Linkedin Profile

Most jobs now are found through Linkedin. I have been recruited for my past two roles through being approached through this site.

It’s always good to keep your Linkedin profile up-to-date. Also make sure that you have optimised it as much as possible to guarantee your profile is found in the top searches.

1. How to build a powerful profile

Whether you are just starting our or looking for a new opportunity. Linkedin is the perfect platform to showcase your skillset and also personality. Your personal profile represents you as a professional – and making it stand out is easier than you may think. The New Year is a great time to polish this up but try and keep it up-to-date as a flurry of changes may signal to your boss that you are on the move!

2. Choosing your profile picture

Picking a professional image to use on your Linkedin profile is key. The image you use reflects who you are and your personal brand. DON’T use an image where you are out partying or have a drink in hand. Save these for Facebook. Choose an image that is engaging, professional and reflects the industry you are in.

3. Personalise your profile summary

Use the header section to summarise your experience, but also what you can offer a future employer. Personalisation means you can stand out from other people who may also be going after the same role. Many recruiters and people who will be looking to interview you will check your Linkedin prior to an interview. Sometimes it is worth updating your profile so it is aligned to the job you want.

4. Optimise Skills & Endorsements

Think of the way in which Linkedin works like Google. If you add the correct keywords to your profile page then recruiters will be able to find you much easier. I have included for example e.g. digital marketing, marketing, digital and social media. The more endorsements you receive for each one helps too!

5. Recommendations

It is always good to keep your recommendations section updated. Obviously a flurry of recommendations might signal to your employer you are looking to move. However, always ask for recommendations from your company when you leave your role or people leave the company.

6. Achievements

Make a note of your achievements on Linkedin. It’s a great way to showcase the work you have done to date as well as talk up anything which you feel can make your Linkedin profile stand out. Whenever I worked on a massive project I would add this to my projects and awards section.

7. Build your personal brand

Linkenin is great way of building your own personal brand. Whatever you showcase on your profile. The content you curate or share. This will all develop your brand presence online.

8. Join the conversation

Linkenin has become even more popular as a thought leadership forum. Many people write posts which are shared in this community. I follow a number of people on Linkedin.

Why not curate your own content too? Start writing blog posts or sharing those which are curated by your company’s content team. I try to update my account with events, news and things that I am interested in. Articles of interest that are relevant to my company and industry. You can be a thought leader in your chosen field at whatever stage of your career.

9. Networking is key

Depending on what industry you work in, think of Linkedin as your little black book of contacts. You don’t have to accept requests from everyone who messages you. In the same way, you need to develop a way in which you approach others if you do not know them that well. I always add people when I work closely with them, both internally and externally. In Marketing and PR for example, it is usual for people to move around every few years so it’s the best way of staying in contact with people.

10. Switch on career interests

If you check on your Linkedin profile you will be able to see a section which is Career Interests. If you switch this on then, it signals to recruiters that you are looking for work. You can tailor it to say what you are looking for, indicate what your specialisms are and state your preferences for what company you would like to work for.