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Blogmas Day 7Yes, today is Bartender Appreciation Day!

Whether you have your work party tonight. Or are out on the town with friends, family or colleagues. Think about those lovely bar staff who are making your cocktails and drinks! We might be broke girls in the city but why not buy someone a bartender a drink to celebrate this festive season! Perhaps as you read this, you are even on your way out to work a bar shift. it’s great fun working during Christmas, but also comes with the long shifts and endless drunken people.

So this #Blogmas post is dedicated to bartenders everywhere. Which ever side of the bar you end up on today. Let’s celebrate bartenders and the work that they do.


Bartender Appreciation Day

Bartender Appreciation Day aims to make customers think about the great service their favourite bartenders give.

Over the centuries, a bartender’s job has somehow evolved from just pouring pints or shots. Bartenders are also that person you can tell all about your life’s troubles while sipping an ice-cold beer or glass of vino. They also listen to people, make you laugh and even provide a person to confide in.

Top 3 tips from a bartender:

  1. Know your order when you get to the bar. There is nothing more frustrating than asking someone what they would like. Then they ask around their mates at the bar, holding up the queue.
  2. Be polite and patient at the bar, which means no swearing or being downright rude – not that any of you would be of course!
  3. Don’t wave credit cards in the bartenders face when you want a drink. That’s just rude and it’s not going to get you served any quicker.

bartender appreciation day

The History of Bartender Appreciation Day

Bartender Appreciation Day originated in America and is linked to the drinks brand, Sailor Jerry. They aim to spread recognition of the day around the world. Sailor Jerry recently organized a petition that asks the British government to make Bartender Appreciation Day a holiday in the UK and a day off for all bartenders.

Sailor Jerry argue that bartenders do much more than just someone to mix drinks. They offer a kind of quiet support to troubled, frustrated customers. Making them feel like someone really does care about what they’re going through. The brand also organises voting competitions to find the nation’s best bartender. Making bar visits on the day to distribute free pizza, clothing and taxi rides home for bartenders.

bartender appreciation day

How to Celebrate Bartender Appreciation Day

Let’s show some appreciation and gratitude to bartenders today. As with most important things in life, it’s the thought that really counts. Buy him or her a drink or two. Enjoy a few laughs together.

I worked in the bar and nightclub industry for many years and loved working behind the bar. Christmas time was incredibly fun. Yet it can also be challenging for those bartenders who are serving inebriated members of the bar for long periods of time.

Let’s drink to that!

Changing a barrel - that's me at work!

Changing a barrel – that’s me at work!

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