Artaban The Musical

How to follow your life purpose and not get derailed

What can you do to help you follow your life purpose and not get derailed?

By Anne Jones, spiritual healer and co-creator of ‘Artaban The Musical’

A new musical ‘Artaban’, premiering in Covent Garden this November, is a tale of life’s purpose. Based on the book ‘The Fourth Wise Man’ by Henry van Dyke, tells the story of a fourth wise man who, like the three magi we all know about, sets out to bring special gifts to the infant Jesus. His journey is long and challenging, and his attempts to achieve his goal are ultimately thwarted.

Do you have a vision of where you want to be and what you want to do but it’s just not happening? Are you feeling blocked and frustrated by duty and responsibility? Or maybe you just can’t find the way forward? How do you shift the balance and follow your life’s purpose without getting derailed?

Anne Jones is a spiritual healer, author of seven books translated into 18 languages, and co-creator of ‘Artaban The Musical’ which is based on the book ‘The Fourth Wise Man’ by Henry van Dyke.

Higher Self

Your plan for this lifetime is stored in your unique spiritual essence which we call The Higher Self. At times of stress or emotional turmoil, your focus will be on your troubles and not on your spiritual essence. You may become disconnected or not hear clearly, like using a bad telephone line.

Here are a few tips to help you raise your vibrations and lift your spirit to enable a full and clear connection:

  • Immerse yourself in nature. You can also use walks by the sea, in parks or in the countryside, wild swimming, gardening or any activity that suits you as nature holds the high vibration energies that will raise your spirit. 
  • Listen to or play music or sing
  • Dance or practise yoga
  • Be creative e.g. cooking, art or craftwork etc.
  • Meditate

Here is a simple ritual I use every day to consciously connect to my Higher Self:

1. Grip your hands together – this symbolises togetherness.

2. Raise them above your head – this symbolises raising your consciousness.

3. Say out loud “I am fully connected now, right now, right now” – this uses your free will and intent to make the connection.

Anne Jones is a spiritual healer, author of seven books translated into 18 languages, and co-creator of ‘Artaban The Musical’ which is based on the book ‘The Fourth Wise Man’ by Henry van Dyke.

Heart’s desire

You may have a sense of being unsettled, restless and needing a change but at a loss to know what it is you want to do. Let’s look at how you can find your hidden inner passion.

  • Write down everything you have ever done, including in your childhood, that you have found exciting, exhilarating and that made you feel happy and complete. There will be clues in that list that may trigger an idea for you to take forward.
  • Your mind is often guided by logic and fear, so discover what your heart wants. This simple ritual will help you to connect to your heart:

1. Put your hands together in front of your chest – to represent the doors of your heart.

2. Open them wide three times – to symbolise your intention of opening your heart.

3. Place one hand on your heart centre, in the middle of your chest and focus your attention on your heart centre.

4. Ask your heart what its wish is; the first thought that comes into your mind is the answer.


You may be blocked from reaching your goal by fear. This can be a conscious or subconscious fear from past experiences or from imagining the worst outcome. How do you overcome fears? I have found the most effective way is to face them! If there is something you really want, then do it anyway, even if you are scared. Facing fears is empowering and will knock down those invisible boundaries that limit you.

You may be succeeding already

My belief is that when we are living kind, caring and thoughtful lives that consider the feelings and needs of others – then we are fulfilling our role as spiritual human beings.

Artaban planned to bring gifts of a ruby, a sapphire and a pearl to the baby Jesus, but he is constantly diverted from his task. However, the musical reveals that the help given to others by Artaban during his quest is his actual purpose. His acts of kindness on the way to his goal were the reality of his mission on earth.

So as the saying goes, it’s not the goal but the journey and how you live your life day-to-day that really matters. So, relax about discovering a momentous life purpose, but follow your heart – it won’t fail you. And concentrate on living each day with love and kindness for that is what your heart truly needs and the love and gratitude that returns to you will give you fulfilment and happiness.

Artaban The Musical

The Actors Church, St Paul’s, Covent Garden,
London, WC2E 9ED

23 Nov 19.30 24 Nov 15.30 & 19.30

Tickets £20.

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