Lockdown Diaries: The Big ‘C’

Lockdown Diaries 2 The Big 'C'

Lockdown Diaries: The Big ‘C’

This week has probably been one of the worst weeks of my life. I found out that my Mum has cancer. 2020 really sucks.

It was only a year ago that I lost my grandmother, and two years ago that I lost my best friend. The thought of losing my mum has come as a huge shock and is devastating.

This year feels kinda stolen from us both, with COVID-19 making travel impossible as I was shielding. Every Christmas I spend with her, but this year will be truly special. Depending on what new guidelines the Government seek to impose, I plan to spend – what might be her last Christmas – with her.

Something this year has taught us is that none of us know what’s around the corner. So keep your loves ones close, and remember to ring/text/send a letter to remind people of how much you love them.

Are you looking after yourself right now?

Long-term stress weakens your immune system, so diet is incredibly important right now. I have been taking multi-vitamins, but have been guilty of overworking. So next week, I am actually taking 4 days off as holiday! I can’t do anything or go anywhere, but I plan to rest, eat well, drink non-alcoholic bubbles and also go out on walks. Mentally and physically we all need to take care of ourselves right now.

Top Tips

My Top 3 ‘Lockdown Diaries’ Tips:


I can be a complete workaholic, which in times like this, isn’t helped when we are all feeling anxious about our jobs, careers, livelihoods. It has become far too easy to default to this workaholic setting during the lockdown and start running on empty. You know the signs…insomnia, coffees to kickstart the mornings, as your body and mind are running on pure adrenaline. If you are feeling this too…it is time to REST and RESET.


Our worlds have become quite small this year under lockdown measures. We all have our new routines. which might feel mundane and boring after a while. Without anything to look forward to, many of us are feeling fed up. I have been recently going through all my old clothes – you know, the ones I can’t fit into anymore after that first period of shielding. I have invested in some new treatments for my hair and face, to kickstart a new morning and evening self-care ritual. Look at how you can change your day-to-day routine, and introduce things that you enjoy and help you relax.


I have always maintained that we are stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. However, sometimes it’s also important to remember that we are only human. We don’t have to have it together every single minute of the day. Give yourself permission to be angry, sad, upset and cry. This global pandemic is testing us in ways we would not have thought possible, and it breaks my heart that I can’t rush down to visit my mum because of COVID-19. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break, before resting up and carrying on.

That concludes my NEW Lockdown Diaries 2 series!