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Lockdown Diaries: Week 17

Lockdown Diaries: Week 17

Lockdown Diaries: Week 17

It’s strange to think that lockdown will soon be ending for me. Shielding will be paused at the end of the month and I will no longer be working from home from 1 August. I know that many people like me who have been shielding will have some sense of anxiety, coming back out into the world.

So in preparation, I have been looking for a new wardrobe. Yes, I have put on weight under lockdown. Two dress sizes in fact! That is due to the fact that I haven’t moved from my bedroom in 4 months, and haven’t been exercising. So instead of dieting, I am going to invest in some new clothes! It won’t be long before I am back in the office, not grazing on what’s in the fridge. Commuting from South to North London will also burn up some calories.

New Hair Colour! – Thanks Adam

I have been so excited about getting my hair done. First time out of the house. For the first time in years. I haven’t dyed my hair and let the colour all grow out to give it a rest.

I visited Adam Bennett, a professional hairdresser who is also a friend of mine. My first trip outside the house! I knew I could visit him for a one-to-one hair session rather than attend a salon. It was my first time out of the house wearing a mask. As well as first time out of my house and the street since March!

My roots have gone, my hair is trimmed and I still have colour running through the ends!. I have re-emerged at last!

Broke Girl in the City

Broke Girl In The City – Scott’s Money Matters Series

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Top Tips Week 9

My Top 3 Tips for lockdown: Week 17

Coming out of lockdown is both exciting and daunting. I can’t wait to be around people once again. I feel like I am on a different journey to many people, who think that my unease about being out is just something to get over. It really isn’t.

My main concern is wearing masks! I know that asthmatics are exempt from wearing one, but I don’t want an altercation on London Underground so am going to try my best. Face coverings will become compulsory in all shops and supermarkets in England from July 24, with a new law meaning that people can be liable to be fined £100. So I am going to try and wrap up.


I have had quite a few birthdays in June-July. I had fun buying my nieces their birthday presents, with help of course. I was never very good at choosing presents.

I also have been trying to help other people with their job-hunting. It’s so easy to lose confidence when out are out of work, but it’s important to keep going. Do something nice for someone else this week.


According to a report by King’s College London in partnership with Ipsos MORI, back on 20-22 May. Half of the people they surveyed had put on weight. That makes me feel better. I started lockdown with Joe Wicks. but failed to keep with it all. I think you need to be kind to yourself. I intend to buy bigger clothes to fit into rather than force myself to go on a diet. We have been through a tough time of it, my body and me!


Lockdown hasn’t been easy at all. I have managed to keep going, despite the fact that I have had to live and work out of my bedroom for 4 months. I haven’t seen friends or family.

I will remember those people who were there for me. People who checked in on me. I always said that people will remember how they were treated during this pandemic, whether by work or loved ones. Remember who was there for you.

That concludes Week 17 of my Lockdown Diaries!