Are you on the ‘Naughty’ or Nice’ list?

·   Zopa, The FeelGood MoneyTM company, has created the world’s first Naughty or Nice ATM

·   Mock cash machine analyses Twitter behaviour from 2018 and rewards people who have been nice with chocolate coins . Whilst those who have been naughty are given coal

·   An online version has been also created so the nation can see if their sweet tweets have helped them make the nice list this Christmas

·   Milly Mackintosh and Andy Murray top the ‘Nice’ list with a perfect 100% ‘Nice’ score

·   JK Rowling tops ‘Naughty’ list, being judged as 77.78% ‘Naughty’. Followed by Piers Morgan (74.03%) and Chrissy Teigen (74.03%) 

World’s first ‘Naughty & Nice’ ATM

Have you made 2018’s ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’ list? FeelGood MoneyTM company launches its Naughty or Nice ATM so you can discover for yourself.

Zopa’s eye-catching mock cash-point is installed at Bankside outside the Tate Modern as a physical ATM for one day on Tuesday 11th December from 9am. The machine has a device installed which analyses people’s tweets across the whole year. Placing them on either the ‘Naughty’ or the ‘Nice’ list depending on how good they’ve have been. 

Using a clever algorithm, the ATM tracks sentiment and the language Twitter users have used throughout the year to determine a Naughty or Nice score.  Those who have behaved themselves on the social media channel are rewarded with gold chocolate coins. Potentially some feel-good prizes based on how nice they have been.  Those who have been naughty are given coal (chocolate of course).

Chrissy Tiegen

Which celebrities are on the ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’ list

The unique ATM has also been used to analyse the tweets of top celebrities and compile a ‘Naughty’ list that includes JK Rowling (77.78%), Piers Morgan (74.03%), Chrissy Teigen (70.07%), Cardi B (69.93%) and Jack Whitehall (68.72%).

Those on the ‘Nice’ list include Millie Mackintosh and Andy Murray with a perfect 100% ‘Nice’ score. Followed by Harry Redknapp (92%), Liam Payne (84.42%) and Florence Welch (81.16%).


Top 10 ‘Naughty’ List

JK Rowling = 77.78% Naughty
Piers Morgan = 74.03% Naughty
Chrissy Teigan = 70.07% Naughty
Cardi B = 69.93% Naughty
Jack Whitehall = 68.72% Naughty
Donald Trump = 67.34% Naughty
Jacob Rees Mogg = 62.63% Naughty
Gary Lineker = 60.31% Naughty
Alexandra Felstead = 59.75% Naughty
Boris Johnson = 53.01% Naughty
Susannah Reid = 51.31% Naughty

Top 10 ‘Nice’ List

Millie McIntosh
Millie Mackintosh = 100% Nice
Andy Murray = 100% Nice
Harry Redknapp = 92% Nice
Liam Payne = 84.24% Nice
Florence Welch = 81.16% Nice
Holly Willoughby = 80.34% Nice
Zayn Malik = 78.38% Nice
David Walliams = 78.12% Nice
Sarah Millican = 77.08% Nice
Jessie J = 76.79% Nice
Michael Gove = 76.77% Nice

Who are Zopa?

Zopa created the activity to celebrate receiving its banking licence.  Zopa has been an award-winning peer-to-peer lender for 13 years. The company will now bring its expertise to a wider suite of financial products with the aim of helping people feel good about their money by providing simple, fair products that are easy to manage.

Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer at Zopa said: “Our aim is to make people feel good about their money and we try to use our social channels to spread positive messages. We wanted to see how many other people do the same by creating the social-media version of the classic naughty and nice list.

“Our real-life ATM and online tool lets people see whether they have spread the FeelGood vibes on Twitter this year – or whether they have been a Scrooge.  People keen to see where they are on the list can visit us at Bankside outside the Tate Modern on 11th December or go to our blog.”