pay it forward

Pay it forward this Christmas


Pay it forward this Christmas

In the film Pay it Forward, a young boy Trevor is given an assignment at school. Think of something to change the world and put it into action. He comes up with the idea of ‘paying it forward’. If one person can do three kind things to help someone, then think how amazing it would be if they did the same for three others. Not only does he change his life, but he transforms that for his mother, teacher and many strangers. I will be celebrating Pay it Forward Day – 28th April 2019, but why not let’s share some love and kindness by paying it forward this Christmas.

Pay it forward this Christmas

5 ideas to pay it forward today

Switching on the news in the morning can be overwhelmingly depressing. Brexit, London stabbings, homelessness and families desperately needing Foodbanks. It’s incredibly stressful living in the city. So each day I try to do one small gesture to be kind to others. It can be anything. Buying a coffee for someone homeless. Keeping the door open for someone. Taking a colleague out for lunch. Cooking someone dinner.

Christmas is the season for giving. So find three ways to pay it forward today. Spread some kindness. 

#FoodBankAdvent Campaign

1. #FoodBankAdvent

I have been collecting food each day to give to a Foodbank before Christmas. Why not find out where your local Foodbank is through The Trussel Trust and take around a box of food. No-one should ever go hungry at Christmas. Every little bit helps!

2. Buy a stranger a coffee

I was walking to my local Coop store on Saturday morning. It was absolutely freezing yet I saw a man sitting on the ground with crutches. I asked him if he wanted a coffee and a sandwich. Bless him, he replied he didn’t want to be cheeky when I suggested food. So, I bought him a hot chocolate and chicken stuffing sandwich. 

3. Give to charity

Have a clear out of your things before the New Year and give a bag of your things to charity. Alternatively, why don’t you donate your time and volunteer for a charity of your choice? The charities I support are MIND and Shelter. Your time and services are just as valuable. You could also look at doing some fund-raising next year or get involved locally and support your community. 

4. Recommend someone on Linkedin

Why not recommend five people on Linkedin today. Many people are looking for jobs and would appreciate the support. You can make someone feel good about themselves by leaving a positive recommendation. I have opted in to offer career advice to those people who are starting out in Marketing. I always try and mentor people wherever I can.

5. Offer support to a friend

Many of us are going through our own battles. Yet Facebook is a window to the lives of all of our friends and acquaintances. Many of whom we can see are going through a tough time too. Why not reach out to 3 people today on social media and offer them some words of encouragement or support. I used to send Tracy little gifts when she was unhappy. 


“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud”

Maya Angelou
Justin Bieber #Blogmas

“Be humble, be grateful, give back, share, pay it forward, chase your dreams, go for it, and take a moment to remember where it is ALL from.”

Justin Bieber
Pay it forward #Blogmas
I bought this for someone homeless

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Mother Teresa
I gave this guy £20 to get into a shelter that night

“I guess it’s hard for people who are so used to things the way they are – even if they’re bad – to change. ‘Cause they kind of give up. And when they do, everybody kind of loses.”

Trevor Mckenney