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5 Top Tips to Help You Get And Maintain Healthy Skin

Skincare - 5 Tips for Healthy Skin

Skincare: 5 tips for healthy skin

Our skin is under constant stress, and that’s why we need to look after it on a daily basis. Give it plenty of TLC. And it’s all about making good choices that support healthy skin and reduce the impact of various stresses, rather than add to them. Here are five top tips to help you maintain healthy skin.


The key to good skin is consistency with your routine. And that means looking after it on a daily basis. It can be as simple as cleansing, toning, and moisturising, in the morning and at night. It’s all too easy to focus purely on your face, but you should also use a quality body lotion – here’s more information about that.

Good habits also include protecting your skin from the elements, in addition to your regular regimen of skincare. During the warmer months always use SPF skincare and sun cream when it’s blazing. When the weather’s cold, windy and harsh on your skin, use a scarf to cover up. Weather can cause a lot of stress on your skin, but the combo of a solid daily routine and these practical steps will help you protect it.

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Staying on the routine tip for now, washing your face before bed is essential. A non-negotiable, if you will.

Throughout the day we’re all exposed to various pollutants and grime that can cling to our faces. If left, that grime can really irritate your skin and leave it anything but its best. And then there’s make-up. Left on it can easily clog pores and cause greasiness or dryness, so always wash it away before you sleep.


Another key part of skincare is to use products that are suited to your skin. You could have dry, oily or combination skin, and using the wrong type of product can actually make things worse. It’s time for a little research, or check with the pros to determine your skin type. Then you can match up with the right type of products.

On top of getting the right type of skincare, using a high-quality serum, cream, or lotion is vital too. Look for natural ingredients rather than chemically-laden items, which are not great for your skin in the long term.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels


Hydration is essential for your general health, and it’s really important for skin support too. When we’re dehydrated things simply dry out, and the cracks can start to show – literally, on your skin.

If you’re not taking enough fluids on board, you’ll soon see the consequences. So, support your care routine by staying hydrated. Drink plenty throughout the day and your skin will glow rather than growl.

Healthy Food. Skincare: 5 tips for healthy skin.


Finally, the importance of eating well. Too much sugar, salt and saturated fat can wreak havoc with your skin, as can drinking too much alcohol. The key is everything in moderation. Eat and drink healthily for the majority of the time and you’ll reap the rewards. Eat and drink unhealthily and the results won’t be so good.

So, what should you eat? It’s all about balance. Getting enough vitamins and minerals into your body to help support skin health. Pack your diet with fresh fruit and veg – leafy greens, carrots, oranges, berries… the list goes on. Use the colours of a rainbow as a template and you can’t go wrong. Add Omega 3 rich foods – fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds are all good options. Eating healthily for the bulk of the time will leave you space to treat yourself once in a while… and that can be guilt-free when you’ve done the groundwork.

Place these tips at the heart of your skincare routine and you’ll reap the rewards!