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Staycationing on a Budget

Staycationing on a Budget Photo by Анна Галашева from Pexels

Staycationing on a Budget

As lockdown is due to end soon, the wanderlust starts to set in. Luckily, we have staycationing!

Staycationing can be expensive. If camping is out of the question, here are some ways to make the most out of your budget and still have the holiday of your dreams.

Staycations are a great way to break the usual routine, see new sites, and support local tourist economies. Staycations are often the cheaper alternative to jet setting holidays abroad, and can still be fun, without having to stay in a tent. But, like every holiday, even staycationing isn’t free. So, how do you have a fun staycation, while also keeping to a budget? 


I’m going to give you some of my favourite UK staycation tips, tricks, and money savers to give you the getaway of your dreams while still being  money conscious. 



Like any vacation, there needs to be a budget, staycations are no different. Though staycationing itself can already be cost saving, travelling within the country itself comes at a price as well. But, creating a budget is one thing, being able to stick to it is another. 

TravelSpend is a great app that allows you to create a budget and gives you the tools to stick to it. Using a budgeting travel app is a great way for you to plan and save for the holiday you want, and keep on track while you’re away. TravelSpend allows you to use the app offline, and if you do decide to use it abroad, it also accounts for live exchange rates as long as you’re connected to the internet. 


Location, Location, Location 

Accommodation is one of the largest expenses of any holiday, a staycation is no different. Luckily, there are some lovely and unique forms of accommodation that are inexpensive that you can stay in for your staycation. 

PitchUp is an award-winning, one-stop-shop, outdoor holiday booking service, think of it as the for staycationing and glamping hot spots. You can find unique places to stay like refurbished bars, tipis, shepherds huts, and so much more. PitchUp isn’t just a booking though, it gives a deeper insight into local amenities, pubs (of course), walking trails, and things to do within the area you choose to stay.  

If being one with nature isn’t your thing, and glamping is still too close to camping for comfort, have a look at AirBnB. Though England is currently going through various tier systems, for the places that aren’t off-limits, staying in an AirBnB gives you a chance to live like a local in your desired holiday destination. 

Take advantage of off peak seasons and midweek breaks. Timing is everything when it comes to planning a good holiday. 



So once you’ve planned out your budget and found your desired location, what is there to do? Just like accommodation, activities can take a large chunk out of your budget. But, there are some great activities you can do while you’re on holiday that are low cost, or even better, free!

If you choose to do a more nature/glamping style holiday, walking and cycling are a great activity. Ramblers is a website that helps identify walking routes in the area you’re staying in. Though there are options for group walks with Ramblers, there are also routes available to do by yourself and you can even pick the type and distance of your walk. I recently wrote an article on sustainable living on a budget, and I had mentioned a few great walking apps that pay you for your fitness, which is a nice little bonus especially while you’re on holiday.

So, maybe walks and cycling aren’t for you. Take advantage of local museums which if not free, normally don’t exceed £10/adult. Local museums are a great way to indulge in local history and culture while supporting the local tourist economy. Depending on where you decide to stay, a lot of cities and villages often have local street/farmers markets where you can indulge in the best the area has to offer as well as some unique souvenirs that you wouldn’t normally find.

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Top tip for your next staycation

When we are finally out of lockdown, we will all be looking for the perfect stakeation. Are you the sort of person who travels somewhere but then when you return you realise you would have benefited if you had done some research first?

One of my favourite shops is The Works. Ever since I was a student in Leicester I would look at what bargains I could buy. A good selection of discount travel guides is available at The Works.