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Through the Leopards Gaze by Njambi Mcgrath

Book debut from writer and comedian Njambi Mcgrath Through the Leopards Gaze

Released 31st January by Jacaranda Publishing

Award-winning African comedian and writer Njambi McGrath releases her first book, a memoir, ‘Through The Leopard’s Gaze’ on 31st January 2020 via Jacaranda.  ‘Through The Leopard’s Gaze’ is a true account of the breakdown of her family. As well as the factors that accelerated their demise when as a teenager she became estranged from her father.  

Njambi McGrath is one of the Guardian and Jacaranda publisher’s Twentyin20 BAME writers to be published in 2020.

Through the Leopards Gaze by Njambi Mcgrath

Fresh from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival with her critically acclaimed political comedy show ‘Accidental Coconut’. Njambi is set to tell her truth in this moving, emotional and powerful account of post-colonial Africa, families, suffering, love and violence. 

Trailblazing” THE GUARDIAN  “Important Voice” THE TIMES

Through the Leopards Gaze by Njambi Mcgrath

Njambi at 13 years of age was beaten and left to die by her father

Growing up in Kenya, Njambi at 13 years of age was beaten and left to die by her father. After years of estrangement. Now as an adult, a family wedding brought them back together, re-awakening her trauma, craving answers from her father. Having arranged a meeting that did not materialise. She made a final attempt to meet with him but he did not turn up because he died. Taking these answers to the grave. The trauma and lack of closure led Njambi to write this memoir.  

“It began with violence and it ended in violence”

What started as a process of therapy. Quickly expanded as she began to discover the history of her wider family and the entire tribe. How they had been put in concentration camps at the end of the British Empire. It was that horrific experience which helped to form her father’s character. He was found as a baby suckling on his dead mother and spent his childhood on the street. It was here that he found and fell in love with her mother, who did not reciprocate his feelings. Resulting in his decision to rape her. This, as Njambi says, is her family “It began with violence and it ended in violence”.

Through the Leopards Gaze by Njambi Mcgrath

Njambi Mcgrath is hailed as a “unique voice with deliciously tart lines”

Kenyan stand-up comedian and writer Njambi McGrath is the winner of the NATYS award 2019 (previous winners include Stewart Lee). A rising star, she is a lone voice of a rarely heard African perspective. Hailed as a “unique voice with deliciously tart lines” (Evening Standard). Njambi McGrath is also named as one of Fabulous Magazine’s Up and Coming Female Comedians.  

As well as writing for HuffPost, Glam Africa And I-News, she’s an avid blogger and podcaster. On TV she was a star of the BBC International Comedy celebration and has also appeared on Channel 4, BBC TWO, ITV’s 6 O’clock news and Sky News. Shortlisted for the BBC New Comedy Awards, she has also appeared on BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live, BBC Radio Radio4Xtra, & BBC Radio World service. Her comedy specials ‘African In New York Almost Famous’ and ‘Breaking Black’ are available on Next Up, Amazon and Apple.

Through the Leopard’s Gaze by Njambi McGrath


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