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Christmas party season is fully underway, which also means one thing. The god awful hangover afterwards! I thought I wold share my top tips for surviving a hangover this Christmas party season.

Top tips for surviving a hangover


Hair of the dog

A slippery slope this one. If you top up the next day then yes you might be able to catch your hangover before it hits you. Yet you are only delaying the inevitable.  However for those god awful hangovers. The ones where you are hugging the pillow and can’t move. Having more alcohol isn’t even an option. So sip water and graze on food throughout the day to get some nourishment into your body instead.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels


Sip water throughout the day. Your body may have taken in lots of fluids. However you will have lost vitamins and minerals during your drinking spree. Alcohol is dehydrating too. As boring as this might seem. Drink, drink, drink some more! Also take a drink like Powerade which is advanced electrolyte solution that replaces four electrolytes lost in sweat: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.


Nothing will ruin your digestive system more than a night of drinking. Ever heard of the phrase leaky gut syndrome? I started taking pro-biotic tablets to keep my insides from being completely wrecked this party season. Make sure you eat something when you have . heavy night of drinking ahead of you too!

Greasy fry up

I personally can’t eat eggs on a hangover. Nothing makes me feel worse. However it is good to try and eat something the morning after. I love bacon sandwiches or toast. However my thing of the moment is to cook a spicy chicken broth or casserole the next day. Something nourishing and to replenish the fluids in your system. Even better, get someone to cook for you!


A banging hangover is not the time to be a hero and not take painkillers. I always have some on standby to take first thing in the morning. Just try and eat something too. I only take paracetamol because of my asthma. I personally recommend Panadol Advance Tablets.

Take the next day off

If you are unfortunate to have your staff party during a week day then take the next day off. Nothing is more painful than working through a hangover. Today I am in bed, sipping water and after a hearty casserole, I am watching TV all afternoon before an evening of Strictly.

Run a luxurious bath

When I have got through the initial hugging-the-pillow stage. I move on to the trying-to-eat something part of the hangover. Nothing makes you feel better than a shower or bath. Leave this to the evening before you go to sleep. I have magnesium salts and mix these up with Radox. After feeling quite horrible for most of the day, there’s nothing like having a relaxing bubble bath. Make sure you have lovely clean sheets to pamper yourself through what has been a traumatic healing experience.