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Reasons to Love Learn to Play Day at Yamaha Music London

If you ever fancied learning an instrument, then Yamaha have something for you this weekend! It’s never too late to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

FREE taster music lessons

When I was at school, I used to be a member of the orchestra. I did grow up in Wales. Despite buying myself a guitar ahead of my 18th birthday, my brother taught himself instead. Denny is absolutely amazing now. I didn’t pick up an instrument again, once I started work. It’s so easy to forget all of these things when you are working and living in the city.

Yamaha Music London, Yamaha’s flagship music store in Wardour Street will be giving away hundreds of FREE taster music lessons with professional music teachers during a fun-filled weekend on Saturday 23 March: 10.00 – 17.30 and Sunday 24 March: 11.00 – 17.00. 

There will be an amazing selection of the world’s leading acoustic, bass and electric guitars. As well as the piano, brass, violin, drums, saxophone and the Venova. A quirky, little instrument with a big sax-like sound waiting to be discovered!! 

This unmissable event will share the joy of playing music. Everyone is welcome to “have a go” regardless of age or ability. 

Yamaha Music London, 152-160 Wardour Street, London W1F 8YA

Music reduces anxiety

Today more than ever, children and teenagers face a multitude of different pressures. Changes in childhood, family life and technology can all affect a child’s wellbeing and damage self-esteem. Exams, tests, peer pressure and social media are all too often the causes of stress, anxiety and depression. However, music can help defend against these debilitating health issues. Recent research suggests that learning to play a musical instrument can help children to reduce feelings of anxiety. Gaining a greater control of their emotions and increase attention span. Music is always my outlet and if I am stressed and/or anxiety I have my go-to playlist.

Yamaha London

7 Reasons to Love to Learn to Play

Never too young to start

There is no set standard age for a child to begin to play. Research reveals strong connections between rhythm skills and pre-reading abilities in toddlers. Don’t let your age put you off either.


Learning to play an instrument can help with confidence issues. Once you learn to do something well – learning to play the piano, for example – you will become more confident in other areas of their life.


Everyday listening skills are usually stronger in musically-trained children than in those without music training. Research shows that making music changes the brain, which has tangible impacts on listening skills, learning and cognition.


Learning to play a musical instrument uses both parts of the brain and this in turn boosts memory power. Music education is also linked to higher IQ levels and the physical development of certain parts of the brain.

A calming force

“Music is an age-old way to heal, and it works exceedingly well for children with ADHD,” says Doris Jeanette, PsyD, a psychologist in Philadelphia. “Music reduces the anxiety you have in your body, and when you’re talking about kids with ADHD symptoms, all they have is anxiety.”


Music teachers believe that music can help teach patience. In today’s world of instant gratification, learning to play an instrument is not something that can happen overnight. It is the daily effort of everyday practice that allows a musician to develop and progress.


Learning to play a musical instrument gives all of us an immense sense of achievement. Research indicates that music lessons change the course of brain development and can influence children’s success in other, non-musical tasks.

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Save the date!

To avoid disappointment Yamaha Music London would like to encourage everyone to “Save the Date”. Remember to arrive early on Saturday and Sunday, as the free places are available on a first come first served basis.

For more information on this year’s Learn to Play 2019 Weekend and free concerts, gigs and masterclasses happening in store throughout the year visit: