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5 Restaurants in London With A Meal and Drink For Under £15

London is a fantastic city renowned for so many things, from its architecture to history, the Royal Family and its attractions. Something else that makes London the city it is today is the incredible food available all over the place. No matter your budget or your tastes, there are endless options for you. There is pretty much a restaurant (if not more than one) for every cuisine in London, as well as some of the world’s most iconic michelin star restaurants. This being said, there are also so many incredible restaurants that won’t break the bank when you visit. 

We’re here to put them in the limelight, with 5 restaurants where you can get a meal and a drink for under £15! Whether it’s date night, you’re celebrating the bank holiday, you want a cheap lunch option or you’re going out with friends, you’re sure to have an incredible time without spending an extortionate amount. 

Roti King

First up on our list is Roti King, a fantastic Malaysian restaurant near Euston. They specialise in the most delicious rotis, whether you’d prefer a stuffed roti or one to dip into a wonderful curry. Super crispy yet beautifully chewy, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the options. You can also drink some chilled sweet tea! Roti with a curry (kari) of your choice is around £9, and you can choose from dhal, chicken, mutton, fish or beef. If you’d prefer to try stuffed roti (murtabak), choose from chicken, lamb or spinach and cheese, also around £9. There’s also wonderful rice, noodle and side dishes, along with the most incredible sweet roti with either coconut jam, condensed milk or banana. This is authentic and really delicious food that will definitely cost you under £15 for a main meal and drink! It’s walk-ins only, so try to get there on the earlier side to avoid disappointment. It’s also a small venue, so going in a small group is the way forward. 

Zia Teresa

If you love authentic, rustic Italian food, then you need to visit Zia Teresa in Knightsbridge. The area is inundated with really expensive Italian restaurants, however Zia Teresa just does fantastic food that won’t break the bank. The majority of the pizza and pasta dishes sit at between £12 and £16, however their more simple and classic dishes such as Margherita pizzas, tomato and basil pasta, tomato and mozzarella gnocchi all being under £12, with carbonara and lasagne being under £13. So, depending on the main that you choose and then also the drink you choose, you can definitely find a meal and a drink for under £15. There is plenty of Knightsbridge parking in the area, or it’s super easy to get right by the restaurant on the tube. 

Mr Bao

If you’re in and around Soho and love bao buns, then Mr Bao is the only place to go for your meal and drink for under £15. Super fluffy and with the most delicious fillings, enjoy the best bao along with other small plates and wonderful cocktails. If you’re vegan, there’s a great ginger-braised tofu which is a must try. These big bao buns are between just £4.50 and £5, so you can easily have a couple with a drink for under £15. Or, try one bao and another small plate for a bit more variety. Super delicious and in cute setting, visit this spot and we’re sure you’ll keep going back! 

Club Mexicana

Sticking in Soho, Club Mexicana is a must-visit if you’re a lover of plant based foods. A wide range of different delicious and all vegan tacos are on the menu, from tofu to jackfruit ribs and also the most delicious nachos. You can get 3 of the same taco for £10, or nacho for £8,50, which will keep you well under £15 for your meal and drink! Even if you aren’t vegan, you definitely won’t be underwhelmed with these incredible flavours. 

Randy’s Wing Bar

Heading over to East London, Randy’s Wing Bar is the place to be. Wings are what they sell and specialise in, and we know you won’t be disappointed. With everything from classic BBQ sauce to Korean-style wings, you can really get everything here! Five wings are just £6.50, go for wraps for around £8 or a burger for £10. Again, you’re going to be well under the £15 here and you have plenty of different things to choose from. 

The Cheese Bar

If you’re a cheese lover, head to Camden and stop off at the Cheese Truck! From delicious cheese sandwiches to five cheese macaroni and stunning cheesy sundae’s, with all menu items under £10, this is a pretty incredible place to stop off. This truck is in Camden Market, so you and a friend could get different items and mix and match different things. The majority of the stalls are affordable with items under £15, so go wild! 

Urban Greens

For those of you looking for a healthier option, you should go to Urban Greens. You can build your bowl with either veggie, vegan or meat based goodies for such a nutritious and delicious lunch! The veggie bowls are just £9.85, with the meat being slightly more expensive, however you can still absolutely get lunch and a drink for under £15. With a wide variety of different salad and dressing options, you can try so many different options. Choose from Canary Wharf or St Paul’s for your closest bowl! 

Final Thoughts

So, there we go! You can have so many options for delicious food that’s under £15, all across London, with all kinds of different flavour profiles. From delicious bao buns to the most amazing mac and cheese, your options for great food in this city when you’re on a budget are endless. Even if you do have a bigger budget for food, make sure that you check out these places, because they’re really incredible and worth a visit for sure.