2,000 free mocktails in the Dry January giveaway

Dy January

How to celebrate Dry January in London

First and foremost, Dry January is for YOU. It’s your chance to give booze a break. Your chance for better skin, more energy, a healthier body, better sleep and a whole load more benefits to boot.

Why take part in Dry January?

Dry January is run by the charity Alcohol Change UK. 

  • A month off is a great chance to get us all thinking about our drinking, so we can make healthier and happier decisions when it comes to alcohol year-round.
  • Dry January is an opportunity to make not drinking, whether for an evening, a month or longer, feel more normal. Because many of us feel under pressure to drink or to drink more than we want to, we think it would be better if everyone had more choices.

2,000 booze-free cocktails in a London giveaway

What better way to kick off a new year AND a new decade than with a lovely FREE cocktail? To celebrate dry January DrinkUp London has partnered with four of the hottest and newest non-alcoholic spirits, elixirs and aperitifs – Everleaf, Ceder’s, Lyre’s and Three Spirit – to give away 2,000 FREE non-alcoholic cocktails at some of the BEST bars across London!

Dry January

The likes of Zetter Townhouse, Rockwell, City Social, Savage Garden and more will be shaking up booze-free Spritzes, Sours, and Cosmos for the whole month. So if you’re making a fresh start to the year by avoiding the hard stuff, love freebies or just want to try something exciting and new then download a voucher and take it to your chosen bar for a booze-free cocktail on DrinkUp London.

Get a voucher before they’re gone and cheers to 2020!

Drinkup's Dry January 2020

Drinkup’s Dry January 2020

To celebrate DrinkUp’s Dry January four of the hottest and newest non-alcoholic spirits, elixirs and aperitifs – Everleaf, Ceder’s, Lyre’s and Three Spirit – are giving away 2,000 FREE non-alcoholic cocktails at bars across London!

All you have to do is click on the banner below, fill in the form and DrinkUp London will send you a voucher so you can enjoy a tasty freebie this January.

All the hand-picked venues taking part will be shaking up booze-free Spritzes, Sours, Cosmos and more for the whole month.

Vouchers are valid during the whole of JANUARY 2020 ONLY and entitle you to one free drink per person. You just need to complete the form below, choose the bar you’d like to visit and we’ll email you your voucher so you can enjoy a delicious freebie this January… plus don’t forget to tell your friends so they can grab one too!


Drink all you can Jan with BrewDog

To showcase the new range of alcohol-free beers, BrewDog has announced ‘Drink all you can Jan’. An initiative that will see all of its Bars offering free refills of all alcohol-free beers throughout January.

BrewDog opens its first alcohol-free bar will be the world’s first alcohol-free beer bar offering 15 taps of draft alcohol-free craft beer. The bar will open in Old Street, central London. It will be the first of the company’s global bars to feature a line-up solely devoted to drinks without alcohol.  

Cheer Up January!

Great British Pubs 100,000 free drink giveaway!

Offer available 2-19th January 2020

Great British Pubs are looking to cheer yourself up this January with a free drink on them! From 2nd January they are giving away 100,000 drinks with a choice of twenty products, including non-alcoholic drinks. You need to access the offer on your mobile or tablet.

The link below has been disabled due to the promotion no longer being live.